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Mrs Lorraine Woollven - Headteacher

Mrs Lorraine Woollven - Headteacher 1

July 2017 Decorating


The summer holidays started for Mrs Woollven by decorating the school hall, along with a team of helpers including Chair of Governors, Mrs Furniss, Mrs Churchill, Mrs Hill,

Mrs Holdaway and Mrs Pope. Mrs Woollven also managed to coerce her parents to lend a hand too!


Decorators 1
Decorators 2
Decorators 3
Decorators 4
Decorators 5
Decorators 6
Decorators 7 Children were busy too!
Decorators 8 Mrs Woollven's mum hoovering curtains

Something exciting happening here!

Something exciting happening here! 1
Something exciting happening here! 2
Something exciting happening here! 3
Something exciting happening here! 4
Something exciting happening here! 5

June 2017

A busy and exciting term ahead...

It is super to see all the children back after half term break refreshed and excited for the term ahead.  There are lots of exciting opportunities planned for this term including: sports day; cluster sports; swimming gala; school trips; school productions; agape service and the special levers' celebrations.  In addition to this we have some engaging writing projects planned for each class. These will centre on children creating some excellent writing to be shared with public audiences.  Please ask your children about their project and how they using drafting and editing skills to grow and improve their writing.


We had a very productive and inspiring in-service day on Monday 5th June. We looked closely at the work of Ron Berger. Many of us had greatly enjoyed reading his book ‘An Ethic of Excellence’ over the half term. As a result we had some fantastic discussion on how we plan to further enhance the learning opportunities we offer our children. We watched a short video called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ to show how children can benefit from kind, specific and relevant feedback to improve their learning. I have attached a link as you may enjoy watching this at home (Austin's Butterfly)


A key focus for our school improvement over the forthcoming terms will centre on building an ethic of excellence across our school. We will be exploring how we can provide each other with specific and kind feedback to improve our work. We will also be building resilience and developing our ethos of hard work leading to improvement.




A service was held to recognise and celebrate St. George's Day which was on Sunday. Here is a photo of our team bringing the St. George's story to life.

Team St. George!

Team St. George! 1

Thank you to everyone for such a super welcome to your school.  It has been lovely to have a chance to meet so many families and to begin to get to know the school community.  


The children have had a great start to the year.  There has been so much excitment and enjoyment of learning.  I have thoroughly enjoyed joining all of the classes to share in their challenges and have a chance to get know the children.  I particularly enjoyed watching our year 3 pupils learning and then performing a 'belly dancing routine'.  It was amazing what they all managed to achieve in 60 minutes!  Year 5 also wowed with their team work and commitment to a challenge with a range of activities to test their creative skills.  In Year 2 I had the chance to enjoy one of my favourite subjects with a dinosaur themed mathematics challenge. The children demonstrated super team working and logical reasoning to solve the puzzle.  My office walls are beginning to filled by some of the childrens' excellent and beautiful learning.  I have two super pieces from Year 1 inspired by the book 'Beautuful oooops'. It is amazing what can be created from a splotch on a page or a tear in your paper.  Please take a look at the class pages to see more of the fantastic learning that has taken place.


This week I will be joining year 6 on their residential trip.  My bags are packed and I am poised to take on the challenges of tunnels, abseiling and canoeing. Fingers crossed for some lovely weather.