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literacy/phonics provision

  • Tape a sight word/high frequency word/sound to a ball and shoot it down a ramp – can you read it? If doing sounds, send 3 down and then see if you can make up a word.
  • Word maker – make up some nonsense words and mix them in with some real words. Can you sort them?
  • Phonic scavenger hunt.  Write out some sounds onto a4, hide enough to make a word, give them 1 mintue to find as many sounds as they can and challenge them to see how many words they can make with the sounds they found. 😊 They can do mixture of real and nonsense words.
  • Can you draw a picture for your friends back at school?
  • Write a story about a Princess using our writing prompts.
  • Alphabet hunt – can you find something with a, b, c etc.
  • Sight word hunt – do a tally chart of how many sight words you can find in a book.
  • Play some phonics games on phonics play – Space Race, Flashcards, Grab a Giggling Grapheme, Rocket Rescue