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maths provision

  • Following on from our investigation about clocks, can you make yourself a watch using paper? What time can you put on it?
  • Days of the Week, months of the year - can you put them in order?
  • Guess my rule – mixture of 2d, 3d shapes or amounts. Chose a rule and sort them into a box, can you guess the rule? I.e. shapes with 4 corners, shapes with curved sides, shapes with triangles on them.
  • Challenge scavenger hunt – find the biggest thing in the house, smallest, longest, shortest, roundest, straightest, numbers etc 😊
  • Treasure chest groups. Can you sort your treasure between 2 teddies, can you split them between 3 teddies, 4  teddies? Is it fair on all of them? Are they equal groups?
  • How many different patterns can you make with your toys? Can someone spot your pattern rule?
  • Make a symmetrical picture outside using things from around your garden. Make sure both sides match!
  • Help! The pirate ship is sinking! What containers would be best to empty the ship the fastest? (This activity is a good way of exploring capacity, it will involve filling up a washing up bowl/baby bath/saucepan and giving your child a variety of different sized containers like pots, cups, egg cups. Talk about being full, half full, which holds more water etc. If you want to extend this, provide other containers that won’t hold water well after a while like an egg box.