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Maths provision

  • Days of the Week, months of the year - can you put them in order?
  • Guess my rule – mixture of 2d, 3d shapes or amounts. Chose a rule and sort them into a box, can you guess the rule? I.e. shapes with 4 corners, shapes with curved sides, shapes with triangles on them.
  • Challenge – find as many even things you can in your house, can you find even more odd groups of things?
  • Challenge scavenger hunt – find the biggest thing in the house, smallest, longest, shortest, roundest, straightest, numbers etc 😊
  • One more, one less catch. Shout a question, ‘one more than 2…’ and pass it for the answer 😊
  • Can you use a number line to count on or back to find an answer?
  • Under the Sea count and colour
  • Get your parents to give you a piece of string/wool. Can you find something that is exactly the same length? Very good for encouraging descriptive maths language and a good opportunity for a hot cup of tea parents! 
  • Length/height scavenger hunt. Can you find 5 things and put them in height order or length order? You can extend this to weight too.
  • Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s