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Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode ER

The final sound in phase 3 - learn the 'er' digraph :)

Practice activity for 'er'

air trigraph recap

Full phonics lesson (22 minutes)
This is very similar to our phonic lessons in school and will require children to have a pencil and paper to join in.
The trigraph sounds tend to be the ones that are harder to remember and usually take more practice.

As we come to the end of phase 3 sounds, we would now normally focus on sight words and the recapping of sounds the class were finding tricky. Please can I encourage you to do a quick checkpoint on the sounds your child knows confidently and those that need more practice. You can do this by going to phonics play and using their interactive flashcards. It will tell you at the end the ones that need more practice. I would be grateful if you can let us know which ones so we can help set and plan for future work or guide you to resources/activities to help embed them. 

It is vitally important that children are given chance to practice and embed their phonics to improve their writing and reading. I have found some reading comprehension for them to try and also a phase 3 phonic booklet. The reading comprehension task has 3 difficulty levels, please use page 1 and page 2. 

I do not expect the booklet to be completed in a week but something handy for you to work through at your pace. I have found it useful for my own daughter when I have needed a hot cup of tea and a sneaky biscuit without having to share it :)