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phonics/literacy provision

  • Tape a sight word/high frequency word/sound to a car and shoot it down a ramp – can you read it? If doing sounds, send 3 down and then see if you can make up a word.
  • Sentence jumble. Write out some simple sentences, cut the sentence into each words and jumble them. Can you put them into the right order? Tip – look for clues like the full stop and capital letter, read it back to see if it makes sense.
  • Jumping phonics, write out some sounds onto a4, put them in an order to make a word, jump to each sound and say it(like sounding out) then blend them together to make the word 😊 i.e. ch-i-m-p ‘chimp’. Do a mixture of real and nonsense words.
  • Pirate reading treasure hunt. Write some simple sentences as clues to lead them to the next one. Clues like ‘find me at the top of the stairs.’ ‘I am in the red pot in the bedroom.’ This activity is a good one to differentiate to your child. You can include picture clues, or make the sentences more complex.
  • Can you write out a thank you card for the postperson? Delivery man or supermarket worker? Make somebody smile.
  • Research project –  lots of you have been doing so many different things. If you want a bigger project to get stuck into why not make a little information booklet about something new you have found, something you love. You could include pictures and writings to tell your reader all about it.