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phonics/literacy provision

  • Tape a sight word/high frequency word/sound to a ball and shoot it down a ramp – can you read it? If doing sounds, send 3 down and then see if you can make up a word.
  • Sentence jumble. Write out some simple sentences, cut the sentence into each words and jumble them. Can you put them into the right order? Tip – look for clues like the full stop and capital letter, read it back to see if it makes sense.
  • Phonic scavenger hunt.  Write out some sounds onto a4, hide enough to make a word, give them 1 minute to find as many sounds as they can and challenge them to see how many words they can make with the sounds they found. 😊 They can do mixture of real and nonsense words.
  • Can you write out a letter to one of your school friends? Tell them what you have been doing. Make somebody smile.
  • Research project – lots of you have been doing so many different things. If you want a bigger project to get stuck into why not make a little information booklet about something new you have found, something you love. You could include pictures and writings to tell your reader all about it.