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Phonics/Literacy provision

- write out the letters of the alphabet and cut them out. Hide them around the house/garden and hunt them out! When they are all found can you put them back in order saying the letter names? 
- Use some blocks, pasta shapes, small world toys to recreate sight word shapes. Can someone read them back to you? 
- Phonic flashcards - blutac them to a wall and throw a ball at one. Say the sound your ball hit! Can someone shout out a sound for you to thrown the ball to? 
- Use the phoneme spotters on twinkl (type in phoneme spotters into the twinkl search bar) to help you practice reading digraphs in sentences. 
- Sound hunt - write down the sounds we have learnt and go on a scavenger hunt. Can you find something that starts with each sound and write it down? 
- Water paint - use water and a paintbrush to mark make and write sounds/sight words in the garden.