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We are currently very busy getting the classrooms and school ready to reopen to our class and other classes in school. The team remain dedicated to ensuring that your child is happy, safe and confident returning to us and we have had them in our hearts and thoughts in everything we have and are doing. 

Our pods will still be full of laughter, fun and smiles but things will be very different. Our classroom looks different, some of the children will be in a different room and some will not be in a pod with a YR staff member. We will have to go against every instinct and impulse to maintain limited contact with the children. We will not be able to scoop them up, do our morning high 5s and hugs. We also will not be able to scoop them up from you if they are feeling uncertain about coming in first thing as we usually do. To ensure safety we can only encourage them to come in. Believe me this goes against every instinct and wish we have, but everyone's safety has to be the priority. We will still be welcoming with lots of smiles. 

We would really appreciate it if you could share these resources with your child to help them prepare for their return. Thankyou. 

A little project of reflection on time spent at home.