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topic provision

  • Make an eyepatch and if you are feeling adventurous, a parrot!
  • Daily family walk/exercise – make a map of your walk.
  • Can you be a Captain’s First Mate and help do some pirate jobs around the house? Earn some gold coins for your treasure chest. Back by popular demand. Try sorting the washing into lights and darks or into each family member. Change the bed sheets? Empty and load the dishwasher.
  • Can you do some baking/cook a meal for your family? We have discovered World Kitchen on Cbeebies and my daughter has enjoyed trying out child friendly recipes and researching the country the recipe has come from. A Birkett family favourite is the Trinidadian Pepper Roti Get an adult to take some pictures for you to sequence and write the instructions out.
  • Use plants and sticks to make a nature picture of yourself.
  • Can you talk like a pirate? Teach some pirate to your family.
  • Using sheets and different coloured fabric (clothes/blankets) can you make a giant desert island on the floor?