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topic provision

  • Daily family walk/exercise – can you leave/deliver some VE day colouring cards to your neighbours/friends to help them celebrate?
  • Can you do some baking for a VE day street party?
  • Using sheets and different coloured fabric (clothes/blankets) can you make a giant Union Jack?
  • Make a Spitfire paper plane and see how far it can fly!
  • Make your own medals for your family. 
  • Make a tea party picnic one lunchtime in your living room.
  • Play some party games! Musical statues is one of my favourites!
  • Dig out your favourite party clothes (adults too) and have a posh dinner together.
  • Make a party crown
  • Make some pom poms – surprisingly relaxing! 
  • Listen to some music from the 1940s, how is it different to music today?
  • Learn the lindy bop 😊