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Staff: Mrs P Hardwick, Miss A Pike and Mrs C Holdaway



Thank you for your continued support and communications. 

At this time, the best way to communicate with the school is through the school office.  Please either phone 01934 852446 or email office@churchill-pri.n-somerset.sch.uk


Our new direct class email to Miss Pike and Mrs Hardwick is:




SPORTS DAY! This week brings to a close our hard work and effort put in to challenging ourselves to be the best that we can. I am so proud of everyone who has submitted their scores and to those who kept up that community spirt! Thank you #TEAMCHURCHILL. 
Check our school website for My Personal best scores over the past couple of weeks.
Click this link to see the final video from WESPORT!

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Aflie's assault course

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 Term 6 Week 1

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Arthur's egg experiment

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Alfie's Football Interview

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Easter Holiday and Summer Term Wk 1 Home Learning Pictures

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Year 2's Dance Their Socks Off Performance 2020


On the evening of Monday 9th March, we performed a dance in front of hundreds of people at the Playhouse in Weston Super Mare. The audience was full of mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and friends. The theme of the show was the Olympics and we performed a dance about the Olympic Torch Relay.


Most of our costumes were tie dyed red, pink, orange and yellow. We wore flame coloured tassels on our wrists, wore them in our hair or waved them on sticks. Some of us wore coloured t shirts- red, blue, green and yellow- the colours of the Olympic rings.


We thought our performance was great, excellent, extraordinary and brilliant. We felt very proud and our parents were extremely proud of us too. As a reward from Mrs Rees (Churchill Academy) we received a class shiny golden medal and certificate.


A special mention to Kate, who took over the part of a torch bearer as one child was taken ill hours before the performance.

Written by Year 2 


World Book Day 2020

What wonderful costumes the children had! Here are a few snaps from our day...

puppet making and puppet shows, painting new book characters or settings for stories, making our own books and showing our 'new' book swap books.

A sneak preview of our amazing DTSO flag.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 30 DAYS.....England. In Art, we have been looking at the work of English artist Amber Locke. Amber is a 'vegan' artist who creates geometric designs from fruit, vegetables, leaves, flowers and herbs. We created our own designs using fruit and vegetables.

Fourth 500 Reading Points Achieved


We have achieved another 500 points for reading regularly at home. This time we decided to have extra golden time as our fourth treat.


At the end of term 3, we currently have over 2300 points for reading.


WELL DONE to everyone in Year 2!

Big Schools' Bird Watch 2020

On Friday, we took part in the RSPB's Big Schools' Bird Watch.

We went out in small groups to see how many birds of each species we could spot.  We quickly found out that we had to be very quiet!  Next week, we will be inputting our data onto the RSPB's website. 

 We are loving how many children are also bird watching at home, on their way to school and at playtimes! 

On Friday 31st January 2020, Author Ade Bowen came to speak to us in Assembly. We listened, acted, took part in magic and had lots of fun and laughter.

Year 2 took part in an adjectives workshop with Ade. We created our own characters, really thinking about adjectives to describe them.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 30 DAYS.....Australia. Aboriginal art is fascinating with all the colours, shapes and patterns. We have really enjoyed creating our designs in response to exploring aboriginal symbols.

Here are some photos of our visit from the Tarmac lorry last week. The mat on the floor shows how far away from the front of the lorry you need to be for the driver to be able to see you!

We have been having fun with Miss Green practising our DTSO dance.

Bird Watch 2020

This term we will be taking part in the RSPB Bird Watch 2020. We have been learning the names of some common British birds and learning some of their features. Alongside this we have been thinking about what birds need to survive. Last week, the children made bird feeders to take home to attract more birds to their gardens.

We have started learning all about FRACTIONS.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 30 DAYS....France. We have been looking at the amazing paintings of French artist Georges Seurat. We have used his technique of pointillism in our work.

Dance Their Socks Off 2020


Year 2 will be taking part in the annual Dance Their Socks Off show at the Playhouse in Weston, on Monday 9th March 2020. Tickets are on sale (£9 per adult, £7 per child) and can be purchased via www.theplayhouse.co.uk or by calling 01934 645544. From previous experience, it is advisable to obtain tickets as early as possible.


Statistics- we have been sorting, recording and comparing information in block graphs.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. 


Thank you for all the support you have given us this term. We really appreciate your contributions at home and in school.


We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


The Year 2 Team

Third 500 Reading Points Achieved


We have achieved another 500 points for reading regularly at home.


Since September 2019, the children have earned a grand total of 1614 points for reading and have earned 3 special treats.


Well done everyone!

This is a sneak preview of what our hand made Christmas cards may look like. We were all brilliant at weaving with paper.

Second 500 Reading Points Achieved


Before the end of term 2 2019, Year 2 achieved their second 500 reading points for reading regularly at home. As a class treat, the children voted to bring their favourite teddy to school for the day.


Well done everyone!


Year 2 are well on their way to achieving their third 500 reading points for reading regularly at home. Let's see if they can do it before Christmas. Happy reading!

What a great morning we had cooking bread at the farm! The children collected their own equipment, weighed and measured out the ingredients, followed the recipe to put it all together and then washed up afterwards! The general agreement was that the bread was scrummy :) 

In maths, we have been learning to tally and construct tally charts using boxes of smarties.

Look at our amazing houses from 1666. We are really proud of our London scene. We think all the houses look very realistic.

Creating 1666 Houses.....Work In Progress- drawing, measuring, cutting and sticking

We finished our maths topic on money by having a money challenge outside in the playground.

Virtual Reality 1666

This afternoon we were treated to a virtual reality extravaganza from Mr Kingston-Lee

who had produced a virtual reality representation of London in 1666. Each child had a

chance to 'look round' using the virtual reality glasses while the rest of the class talked (incredibly knowledgeably!) about the differences between 1666 and today. 

Our Great Fire of London visit from Jethro Knuckleskull

                          First 500 Reading Points Achieved


Before the end of term 1 2019, Year 2 achieved their first 500 points for reading regularly at home. As a class treat, the children voted to watch a film on dvd.


Well done everyone!



So far this term, we have been experimenting with collage and responding to the work of artists like Kurt Schwitters and Henri Matisse.


Kurt Schwitters used 'non art' materials and we created great masterpieces linked to our topic of 'Not On Our Watch'. We created our own litter collector monsters.


We have also looked at 'The Snail' by Henri Matisse and used his technique of tearing papers and arranging them by overlapping. We used only the primary and secondary colours in our work too.


We worked really hard on our learning. See if you agree.




Please open to view our amazing masterpieces

Year 2 Homework Expectations

Our Weekly timetable

Year 2 Autumn Term Topic Web

Not on Our Watch!


In Year 2, our 'Not on Our Watch!' focus is litter. On Thursday we went litter picking around the school grounds and were shocked with all the litter that we found! On Friday, we thought about the different ways we could separate the rubbish and then sorted it according to what material it was made from.    Finally, we used the data we had gathered to produce tables and bar charts on the ipads. We will be sharing these results with you at our T@3 celebration service on Friday 27th September.

Litter picking

                      Welcome 2019/2020


What a busy first day we had. We started the day by sharing news about our summer holidays and finding our way around the Year 2 classroom. We played some team games, pass the clap, don't sit down, heads down thumbs up and even learnt a hand rhyme to remember the 5 vowels of the alphabet. Encourage the children to talk to you about their daily learning and share some of their great experiences.


In Year 2 we have PE every Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school so that they can take part.


Children will have many opportunities to change their reading books throughout the week. Please aim to hear your child read at least 5 times a week and sign the reading diary so that books can be changed.


We look forward to a fun filled year!

Thank you to everyone


It's hard to believe we are at the end of another school year. Your continued support has been greatly appreciated. Everyone has worked incredibly hard  and deserves a relaxing summer break! If you have a moment over the holiday, can we recommend spending some time reviewing our class page on the school website with your child - it is a lovely memory of all the things they have done. 

The Class 2 Team

The final Class 2 photo!

In Art, we have been designing and creating Australian animal hand puppets. These ranged from koalas and crocodiles to a spectacled flying fox. We cut all the parts of our designs from felt then sewed everything together. Once complete, in groups, we were tasked to devise a short play with our characters. After talking together and planning our plays, we made some props and a title banner, had a quick practise and then performed to the rest of the class. Well done to all our groups for some original and entertaining ideas.

Testing our geographical knowledge, we had fun with a playground challenge answering questions about our world.

Last Friday, Mr Cooper visited the class to talk to us all about Australia: its landscape, animals, weather and what it's like to live there. The children had a lot of questions which Mr Cooper kindly answered as homework! After his visit, we carried on with an Australian theme exploring aboriginal art by designing a boomerang and recreating the story of Tiddalick.



This afternoon class 2 have been creating a musical composition, using only sound effects and movement, for the story of Tiddalick.

Last reading book change


Unbelievably, we have almost reached the end of the year. Our last reading book change for Year 2 will be Friday 12th July.

 All reading books must be returned on Monday 15th July so that our reading boxes can be replenished for our new class!

Taking advantage of the warm sunshine on Monday, Class 2 enjoyed  an orienteering style 'Playground Challenge'. Working with a partner, each pair had to be detectives and find objects in the playground from a photograph. They then had to tell an adult what the object was and where it was found. It was quite tricky as some of the objects had changed slightly since the photos were taken!

Last Friday we had a fun, if warm, morning baking Australian Damper bread (a kind of scone) at Lower Stock Farm.

In Maths, we played 'push penny' to practise adding three numbers together.

On Friday morning, Class 2 took part in a Scooter Safety Training session with For2Feet. As well as having fun with their scooters, children learnt how to use their scooter correctly, safely and considerately whilst out 'on the road'. 
Prior to our lovely picnic and exciting Sports day afternoon, our talented Year 6 laid on a morning of fun activities to get us all warmed up. In our house teams, we jumped, skipped, raced, threw, caught and weaved to gain points. The overall winner for the morning was Lyncombe!
On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon of singing and some musical instrument playing when we joined  Sandford, Wrington and Banwell at Winscombe school for our 'Summer Sing: Bonjour mes amis'. For the event, we dressed up in the colours of flags of countries featured in our songs - didn't we look colourful?
In maths we have taken our learning outside into the lovely spring sunshine where we have been practising turns and mapping.

Practising 1/4, 1/2 and whole turns of a shape in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Creating 'Funny Faces' using our mapping skills.

Some of Year R joined us for Art on Monday afternoon when we created some bold symmetrical pictures.

In maths, we have started to explore 3D shapes. We found quite a few around the classroom!

We created some colourful hyacinths from paper when the real ones had wilted!

In Art, we have been dipping into our maths learning. Using our knowledge of symmetry we created symmetrical faces and patterns.

This afternoon, we gave our Grassheads a hair cut! We were amazed how tall the grass had become!

In Science, we are continuing to explore plants and seeds. In rotation we have been observing and recording the growth of our seeds that we planted last week, sequencing the growth of a fruit plant, identifying parts of a flower and using our beautiful spring flowers for inspiration; doing some mindful colouring.
This morning, Class 2 had a surprise visit from one of our chicks from Year 1. How big she has grown!

Spring terms 4 & 5 Topic Web

In Science, we are looking at seeds and growth. This afternoon, we planted our own 'Grass Heads'.

This morning, we travelled back in time to 1666 and re-enacted The Great Fire of London guided by Jethro Knuckleskull!

We took full advantage of the early spring sunshine to..... run a mile or enjoy a book.

We also took our shape learning outside for a final shape activity carousel.

As part of this term's topic: The Great Fire of London, Class 2 have been creating their own period houses.

Class 2 were joined by some special visitors for our Open morning to help with our 2D shape activities.

PE Kit reminder

Our PE lessons are on a Monday and Tuesday.

Some of our children do not have a full PE kit in school. Please ensure your child has shorts, t-shirt, spare socks & daps. Trainers can be worn for PE outside.



Well done Class 2. Your performance was amazing!

We're all very excited for our Dance Their Socks Off performance tonight.

Important information for tomorrow


A letter will be coming home tonight, but please see below the timings for Dance Their Socks Off tomorrow.


Registration as usual.

9.30 am: Coach departs from Churchill Primary.

Your child will need a coat (for walking from the coach to the Playhouse) a snack, a packed lunch and sealed drink to have whilst at the Playhouse.

12.50 pm: Coach departs from the Playhouse to return to Churchill Primary.

3.30 pm: Pick up time as normal from Class 2’s door.


5.45 pm: Children need to be back at the Playhouse, in their costumes and handed over only to a member of the Churchill staff team via the backdoor where they will be signed in. Also, please bring a colourful pair of socks for the finale.


6.30-7.30 pm: Performance!


7.35 pm: (ish!) Pick up from the back door. We will release the children when we see you.

World Book Day 2019. What fabulous costumes we have!

In Art, we created a picture using the rubbings we made outdoors last week.

Our trip to Lower Stock Farm


Yesterday Class 2 visited Lower Stock Farm to learn about seeds and growth. After a bumpy tractor ride to the farm, we gathered on a circle of logs in the woods to listen to the story 'The Tiny Seed'. We then played a game which involved identifying all the elements a seed needed to grow and planted onion sets in Farmer Nicks garden. After a picnic lunch and a lovely run around in the sunshine, we learned all about trees, leaves and their seeds. Please enjoy a few of our photos.

In Science, Class 2 have been investigating and observing flowering plants.

In Art, we have been finding different textures outside and making rubbings of them.

Our final ports of call on our journey around the worlds continents were to Asia and Europe. The class coloured Indian mandalas, completed a wordsearch about China, put together jigsaw maps of Europe, used an atlas to identify Asian countries and identified European flags.
Moving swiftly around the world on our continental journey, this afternoon, we have been exploring the American continent. The class have been making Lego models of North American landmarks, drawing pictures of South American landmarks, finding out where animals live in the rainforest, using an atlas to identify countries in South America and creating South American animal food chains.

In Art this week, we made pull toys with a flying theme. More photos to follow!

A huge thank you to Captain Ebrey, a pilot for Easyjet,  who came to visit the class as part of our Up, Up and Away topic. She talked to the class about flying and explained what being a pilot involved. We watched some exciting videos of take off and landing as seen from the cockpit and learned about how Captain Ebrey became a commercial airline pilot. The children were engaged and inspired!
In our journey to recognise, name and learn about the continents of the world, class 2 have explored the continent of Africa. The class made Lego safari animals, completed a Kenyan safari wordsearch, played African animal top trumps, used an atlas to identify African countries and used a jigsaw and globe to find interesting facts. We will continue our journey next week.......

This afternoon, we have been exploring the continent of Antarctica. Where will we go tomorrow?

Today we made an exciting expedition into the Science Explorer Dome. We learned all about different regions of the earth.

In Art, we have continued to explore block printing. This week, we made a block relief using matchsticks. Using primary paint colours we then made prints using our new blocks and the cardboard blocks made last week.

Making block prints using matchsticks.

Printing using both our matchstick and cardboard blocks.

Some of our finished prints.

In maths, we are learning about multiplication. Today, we have been finding and recording different arrays.

In Topic, we have been learning, sharing and recording facts about the american aviator Amelia Earhart.

We have been having fun with Miss Green practising our DTSO dance. Our dance sequence is finished: we now need to perfect it!

In Maths, we have been working on time. We have recapped o'clock and half past and are learning quarter past and quarter to the hour.

This afternoon, we have been making bird feeders using lard, seeds, nuts and cereal.

Dance Their Socks Off 11

A letter will be coming home shortly but we wanted to let you know that Class 2 will be appearing in the annual Dance Their Socks Off show at the Playhouse in Weston on Tuesday 12th March. Tickets are now on sale (£9 per adult, £7 per child) and can be purchased via www.parkwoodtheatres.co.uk/playhouse-theatre or by calling 01934 645544. From previous year's experience, it is advisable to obtain tickets as early as possible.


In Art, we are exploring printing techniques. This week we created relief blocks using card

then used them to create a repeating pattern.

As part of this term's topic 'Up, up and away' we have started to explore flying objects by making our own paper aeroplanes. We had great fun testing the aerodynamics of our planes in the playground. Everyone's flight distances were recorded and Oscar's plane flew the furthest!

Making our paper aeroplanes.

Testing our aeroplanes.

Recording the distance of our final flights.

Up, Up and Away Spring Term 3 Topic web


We wish you all a merry Christmas and wonderful new year!


Thank you for all the support you have given us this term. We really appreciate your contributions at home and in school.

We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


The Year 2 Team.

Class 2 have been enjoying some end of term Christmas activities.

DT Project


As part of this term's project, the Class have designed and created their own Lighthouse Keeper's lunch dioramas. So that our dioramas were 3D and mobile, we learned about axles, levers, winders and winding mechanisms plus different ways of attaching objects to our shoe boxes. We hope you enjoy a few photos from our design journey.

Didn't Class 2 look great in their Christmas jumpers?

In Art, we have been looking at Pop Art and the technique used by Andy Warhol. Here we are creating our own Pop Art pictures.

On Friday, we had a visit from the Mad Science Workshop. As chemists, the children explored chemical reactions.

In Art this week, we have been looking at the work of Amber Locke. Amber is a 'vegan artitst' who creates geometric designs from fruit, vegetables, leaves, flowers and herbs. We created out own designs using pieces of fruit and vegetables.
Yesterday, class 2 had Money Mania Day! To finish off last term's learning all about money, the children took part in a range of practical and creative money related activities. We started off with a money based orienteering challenge, followed by filling large chalk sea shapes with money, to creating their own money pictures. The children later sorted and counted the money and we made a grand total of £33.70! The money will go towards supporting their maths learning in class in a way of their choosing. Thank you all for your support in making the day so successful.

Maths money challenge.

Filling sea shapes with coins.

Some of our finished shapes.

Finally... counting our coins.

In Science, we have been thinking about healthy eating. We took part in activities to recognise and sort healthy food.

To finish off this terms topic, class 2 had a creative ocean themed afternoon. The children had the choice of making paper fishing rods, creating a sea scene with chalk in the playground, researching sea creatures using books or ipads, painting their own ocean scene or building lego submarines. We are looking forward to our new topic this term: The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.

In Maths, we have been revisiting number bonds to 10 and using our knowledge to make number bonds to 20.

As part of this terms topic: Commotion in the ocean, we have been thinking about the affect of pollution on our seas. Armed with plastic bags and rubber gloves, we went on a litter pick around the school and used the rubbish collected to create a dirty version of Hoskusai's wave. Here are a few photos from our work in progress...

In Art, we have been creating a wave of poppies for Remembrance Day.

In Science, we have been investigating the waterproof properties of different materials.

We visited Class 1 to look at the squashes and gourds we planted last year.

In Art, we have been recreating 'The Great Wave' by Katsushika Hokusai

In Science, we have been investigating different types of materials and where they come from.