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Year 2

Thank you all for all your support, contributions and kindness throughout the year.

It has been a pleasure working with your children.

The Class 2 team wish you all a very happy and fun-filled summer holiday.

Keep smiling and keep shining!


Handa's Surprise


Class 2 have been very busy with their last topic of the year: Handa's Surprise. We have created an acrostic poem based on the story using the word HANDA, we have tested and tasted some of Handa's fruit and we have learned to draw a very tricky pineapple! Please enjoy the photos from our learning.

Acrostic poem challenge.

Tasting Handa's fruit.

Pineapple Art.

African Dioramas


Look at our fantastic dioramas that we produced for our homework. We have learnt lots of facts about different African countries. What clever presentation ideas we had!

Sports Day Warm Up


Together with Years R & 1, this morning, we took part in some Sports day warm up activities which were very well organised and run by Year 6! The sun shone, everyone had fun and we got into the Sports Day spirit. Please enjoy some of our photos below.

Designing Flags

In preparation for Cluster Sports, Class 2 designed a flag to represent our school. In pairs, children used ICT to test and refine their designs as well as drawing out their final choices.

Please enjoy the photos below showing some of the children at work and a few finished pieces.

Designing Flags

Class 2's visit to Lower Stock Farm

(Adjectives by Class 2)


Yesterday, Class 2 climbed aboard an emerald, green tractor and chugged through the peaceful, bumpy countryside to Lower Stock Farm. We drove straight to a field full of spotty, smelly cows (and some very pretty caramel coloured ones!) lazing in the wavy, green grass where a tall and friendly Farmer Nick talked to us about the cows, milk and farming.


We then met with Liz, who taught us how to identify trees from their slick, smooth leavesbeautiful blossom or seeds. We also felt the trees' rough, tough bark.


After a soggy start to our lunch, we dried off in the cosy, sunny greenhouse where we planted some round, edible peas to grow on at school.


Finally, after a quick look at Farmer Nick's vegetable garden, we boarded the pickle, green trailer once again for a slow, ride back to school. 


Please enjoy some of our photos from the day.



What an colourful group of animals we had for our Singing Festival on Tuesday!

The final Home Teams for Term 6 are:

Munching Monkeys
Zooming Zebras
Grooving Gorillas
Cheating Cheetahs

Spring Half Term Homework

Visit to Latcham Farm


Yesterday, Class 2 had a very busy and enlightening visit to Latcham Farm in Wedmore. Along with many other schools from within the diocese, we learned about all aspects of dairy farming; from rearing calves to using the milk produced by the cows. We learned how butter, cheese and ice-cream are made and even tasted some! We discovered the significance that encouraging wildlife (and even cow poo) had on the food chain. We also enjoyed a short service teaching us about the importance of making the right decisions. We even had time to have lunch in the cow stalls! Thanks to a small army of very organised and enthusiastic helpers, we packed a lot in to a few hours!

Class Garden


This week Class 2 have started work on their class garden. Yesterday all the children worked very hard turning the soil and removing weeds and stones (not to mention investigating all the mini-beasts that were uncovered). We are growing a variety of fruit and vegetables including raspberries, strawberries, marrow, courgette, peas and ornamental gourds. We are all looking forward to harvest time and tasting our crop!



Turning the soil in our garden plot.

Homework Friday 6th May - Thursday 12th May

Homework Friday 29th April - Thursday 5th May

Summer Terms 5 & 6 Topic Web - Rumble in the Jungle!

Rocket Seeds


Churchill Primary School have been lucky enough to receive some rocket seeds from the astronaut, Tim Peake who is currently in the International Space Station. In an experiment to discover the effects of space on plants, lots of schools have been asked to plant both rocket seeds that have been in space and normal rocket seeds. Yesterday, Class 2 planted their batch. We will be monitoring their progress and then send the results back to Tim Peake.

The Home Teams for Term 5 are:

Bubbling Bluebells.
Blowing Buttercups.
Popcorn Poppies.
Racing Roses.

Firemen Visit


To support our Great Fire of London topic, last week, Class 2 was visited by White Watch from Weston-Super-Mare Fire Station. The Firemen talked to the Class about the dangers of fire and what to do in case of an emergency. The children really enjoyed practising their 'Stop, Drop and Roll' routine, dressing up and being shown around a real Fire Engine!

Fire - Pudding 'Pie' Lane 2016


As part of our Fire of London topic, Class 2 have been busy investigating Tudor houses prior to designing and building our own. Please look at the photos to follow our learning journey.

Designing our houses.

Painting our houses.

Adding external features - windows, doors and beams.

The finishing touch- a thatched roof.

Pudding 'Pie' Lane by Class 2.

What a colourful Easter Bonnet Parade!

More pictures from Dance Their Socks Off 8

Dance Their Socks Off 8

Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed "Dancing Their Socks Off" last Tuesday at Weston Playhouse. Thank you all for your support and we hope you enjoyed the performance. Look at us all in our lovely costumes.



Tesco Easter Trail Visit 


On Monday, KS1 were visited by Tesco from Nailsea to talk about the history of Easter traditions. We smelt all the spices that go into hot cross buns and tested all the different dried fruit. We then tasted the hot cross buns themselves. Yum! Yum! We also has fun designing and decorating our own Easter eggs with pen, ribbon and feathers.  



Tesco Easter Trail.

Spring Term 4 Topic Web - Fire, Flames and Fantasy.

Visit to St.Mary's Church.


On Tuesday afternoon, Class 2 visited St Mary's Church in Langford. Reverend Sax showed us lots of christian symbols and we sketched different objects. Look at the photos to see what we found in the church.

Visit it St Mary's Church.

World Book Day


The theme for today's World Book Day was to come to school dressed as a Roald Dahl character. As you can see from our photos, the children rose to the challenge and we had a class full of interesting and imaginative costumes. Oscar was lucky enough to find a 'Golden Ticket' under his seat and won five points for his team. At the end of the day we all had a delicious treat courtesy of Willy Wonka (aka Chase)!



World Book Day.

Home Teams for Term 4 are:

Sparkling Spring
Super Summer
Whooshy Winter
Awesome Autumn

Practice makes perfect


Mrs Venning joined us for a sneak preview of our DTSO8 routine. Afterwards, she gave the class some important feedback: one ticked pink and one green for growth.  Using this, we will keep practising for a polished performance!

Sharing Learning


At the end of last term, Class 2 spent the afternoon with Class 6 to learn about past and present tenses. Class 6 had prepared their own lessons which they taught to Class 2. They all had great fun and learned a lot. Please enjoy our photos from the 'lesson'.

Kite Challenge


Over the past two days, Class 2 have been investigating kites. We started by learning about the history of kites, then looked at different types of kite and how they were constructed. Everybody then designed there own, careful to include all the key features. Next, each Home Team built one kite which included a design aspect from all members. It was quite a challenge but the results were very impressive.

Owl Sketches


In Art, Class 2 have been learning about and experimenting with different grades of pencil. Linking with our Owl topic, we then used our knowledge to make pencil sketches of a Barn owl. We hope you enjoy a sneak preview.

Half Term Home work. Thursday 11th-Monday 22nd February.

Homework Friday 5th - Thursday 11th February 2016

Today, we have had lots of fun estimating what we can in one minute.

Homework Friday 29th January - Thursday 4th February 2016

'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell


As part of this terms' topic, Class 2 have been reading the book 'Owl Babies'. They have been discussing the book, investigating the characters, story-mapping the plot and re-enacting the story. The outline of this book will form the basis for their own stories - watch this space! We hope you enjoy the photos below and perhaps your own retelling!

Re-enacting 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell.

Homework Friday 22nd - Thursday 28th January 2016.

Visit from Avon Owls


Today (Friday 15th January) Class 2 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Darren and Nick of Avon Owls along with 5 different types of Owl. These were: a Long-eared owl, a Barn owl, a Little owl, a Snowy owl and a European eagle owl. The children learned a lot of facts about owls e.g. not all owls are nocturnal, what owls eat, where they live, how they see and hear. They also had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and meet the owls in person.

Year 2 Homework - Terms 3 and 4


Homework will now be set on a Friday and due in the following Thursday. In addition to weekly spellings, mental maths and reading, this should take no longer than one hour.


Individual presentations will return in Terms 5 and 6. 


Please can children remember to bring in their homework books every Monday (for new spellings) and every Thursday (for marking).

Homework Friday 8th - Thursday 14th January 2016

Spring Term 1 Topic Web - Up, Up and Away.

Please meet Class 2's new Home teams for Term 3.

Ginormous Jetpacks.
Flying Supercars.
Blasting Spitfires.
Roaring Red Arrows.

Happy Christmas from Class 2!

Tasting Oranges and decorating gingerbread! Thank you to Tesco Store, Nailsea.

Making Shortbread at Lower Stock Farm.


As part of our instructional writing, last Friday, Class 2 travelled by tractor and trailer to Lower Stock Farm to make festive shortbread. The chill and damp was forgotten as they weighed, mixed, rolled, cut-out and washed up. Each Home Team produced some delicious snowmen, reindeer, angels and christmas trees which they took home for families to share at the end of the day. We hope you enjoyed them.

Christmas Class Collaboration


Last Friday, Class 2 (and some of Class 1) joined Class 4 to make up Pick & Mix sweet bags for the Christmas Fair. Class 4 helped the younger children work out various ways of making £1.00 using denominations of 1p, 2p, 5p and 25p. The children were very careful to make sure the bags of sweets were fair!

Please enjoy a few of our 'Christmas Recipe' photos.

Pulley Power!


With the help of Mr Walsh, Year 2 used a real pulley system in class just like Mr and Mrs Grinling. The children sent a message across the classroom, requesting items which a receiver had to find and send back. They also thought about all the things a pulley can be used for and came up with ideas of their own.

Please meet out new Home Teams for Term 2.

Half term message


There have been some super pieces of homework this term. Thank you for your support.

There will be no homework set over half term as you all deserve a well earned break!


Happy Holidays!




Class 2 visit to Tesco


On Tuesday morning, Class 2 went to visit Tesco store in Nailsea to find out all about fish as part of our 'Wet & Wild' topic. In two groups, we went for a tour of the store looking at fresh, frozen and tinned fish. The Fishmonger, Kerry, gave us a very informative talk about all the fish on her counter and we learned about where our fish comes from and how it is caught. Later in the morning, we had the opportunity to try different types of fish; tuna, sardines, mackerel, mussels & cockles. We were very impressed as all the children had a taste! We hope you enjoy some of our photos below.....

Our Tesco Store Visit.

For Homework, Class 2 researched information on Lighthouses and presented their facts in unusual and creative ways.

Year 2 visit to Bristol Cathedral


On Wednesday 7th October, along with other schools in the area, Year 2 visited Bristol Cathedral for their annual 'Big Draw' event. We took part in four art activities; each activity focused on an architectural aspect of the cathedral e.g. stained glass, coats of arms & floor tile patterns and religious stories e.g. thinking about gifts and creating our own. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and the class were awarded a certificate for their good behaviour in our Celebration Service. Look out for our art work as it's put on display in class.

The Big Draw at Bristol Cathedral.

Homework Friday 16th - Thursday 22nd October.

Homework Friday 9th-Thursday 15th October

Homework Friday 2nd-Thursday 8th October

Homework Friday 25th September to Thursday 1st October.

Sharing a Shell


"Look! A crab, a crab with no shell,

Running along by the sea...."


This week Class 2 have been enjoying exploring the book 'Sharing a Shell'. In Home Teams, the children retold the story, in their own words, using stick puppets they had made. All were very innovative and entertaining!

Preparing puppets.

Practising 'Sharing a Shell'.

The final performance!

Homework Friday 18th September - Thursday 24th September.

Autumn Term 1 Topic Web - Wet and Wild!

Homework Friday 11th-Thursday 17th September.

Welcome to Year 2 2015-2016!

A very warm welcome to everyone! Class 2 have already been 'in the thick of it' this morning, organising themselves and their classroom. We have been playing team building games and created a 'Pinky' Line up which helped us put together our first Home Teams. As we go to lunch, Class 2 have already started working on their own class contract. We hope you enjoy these first photos.

Shaun and his coat of many colours.

Over the past few weeks, Class 2 have been busily working with Mrs Maitland-Round knitting a jacket for Shaun. Our Home Teams knitted a square each which were then put together to make his colourful coat. I hope you will agree he looks very smart!

Bristol Shaun the Sheep Hunt


Last Thursday, Class 2 spent a lovely day at Bristol Harbourside spotting Shaun the Sheep. In all we spotted at least 13 statues.

We hope you enjoy a few of our photos and continue your own hunt in the holidays.



Spotting Shaun the Sheep around Bristol Harbourside.

Visit to Lower Stock Farm Tuesday 23rd June


On Tuesday, Year R and Year 2 went on an exciting adventure. It all started when Farmer Nick transported us all by tractor and trailer to his farm in Wrington, We learnt lots of exciting facts about the habitats of different animals. We experienced being surrounded by Heifers in a field (luckily we were in a trailer), learning first hand about chickens, eggs, wheat and bug hunting. We even caught fish pond dipping! We all had a very enjoyable and informative day.

Visit to Lower Stock Farm

Last week Class 2 were investigating tropical fruit.

Final Home Teams for Class 2!

Summer Term 6 Topic Web - Rumble in the Jungle!

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