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Year 4

On Wednesday we went to Bristol Cathedral for an activity day to celebrate the festival of light. We participated in four activities throughout the morning and after lunch. These included performing a play with puppets, making clay candle holders, learning a new song together with drums and looking at different light displays in the explorer dome.


We all had a brilliant day !!



As part of our science project we are looking at electrical circuits.

We have been making circuits using a battery , foil and wire to light up a light bulb.


Take a look at our photos.....

Friday 4th December


Bristol Museum Trip


As part of our topic on the ancient Egyptians we spent a very

interesting day at Bristol Museum where we participated in an Egyptian Workshop !  Mrs Linham had arranged for us to participate in a special investigation where we were all explorers and worked in our home teams to explore and discover ancient artifacts. A specially trained tutor from the museum took us upstairs to a special room where the artefacts were laid out on each table.


Some of the items were reproductions of original Egyptian pieces and were copies of artifacts that were actually  in the  Egyptian exhibition which we saw later in the day.


We all participated in guessing what the pieces were and who would have owned the artefacts in Ancient Egypt.


We were all amazed when we were told that one of the items which we were able to hold was, in fact, a REAL NECKLACE and was actually  2,500 years old !  AMAZING !


Take a look at our photos....

Monday 23rd November


What an exciting day!!


Today we went to Farmer Nick's to use his lovely new kitchen to

bake some super Christmas treats. 


It wasn't quite what we expected when Farmer Nick's tractor

broke down before he arrived at school so Mrs Venning and Miss Churchill

kindly chauffeured us to the farm in their cars!


Despite an unusual start to the day we

all arrived safe and sound and enjoyed the morning mixing,

kneading and rolling Gingerbread dough to make our tasty

decorations for the Christmas Fair.


Take a look at our photos......





Putting the 'earn' into learning...



Letters have gone out to parents and carers this week about two trips we have planned for later in the month and the first week of December.


We endeavour to keep our costs as low as possible and are pleased to be able to take advantage of Farmer Nick's kind hospitality at Lower Stock Farm on the 23rd November at no cost.


When we visit the museum on the 4th December we will be taking part in an Egyptian Workshop for an hour during which we will learn more about this ancient civilisation and investigate and explore relics and treasures from the past. There is a charge for this which we have incorporated in the £11 cost for the trip which also covers the cost of the coach.






What a wonderful time we had at Cadbury Garden Centre!


We were able to feed the fish and found out about their habitats.



Week 5


This week we are all looking forward to our trip to

Maidenhead Aquatics at Cadbury Garden Centre.


​Whilst there, we will be learning about the fish and

their habitats!


Look out for the photos!





Week 3


On Wednesday we enjoyed a lovely day out at Farmer Nick's in Wrington

to find out about how the animals are fed and what

crops are grown on the farm.


We were picked up from school by Farmer Nick and his tractor and trailer!

We had an amazing time and learnt so much.


Did you know that ....


Hay is dried grass and straw is made from dried corn stalks ?


We all had a chance to smell silage and found out that it is made 

​from grass that is cut and wrapped in plastic to keep out the 

oxygen. This can then be stored for up to a year and fed to the cattle

during the long winter months!

The heifers were very friendly!

Everyone had a chance to try some beans which we picked 

in Farmer Nick's allotment. There were all sorts of different

vegetables and fruit on the farm from Pumpkins to Figs!

After a fun filled day we returned to school in the trailer

pulled by Farmer Nick's tractor, and said a big THANK YOU!                                                                       









We are now well into the term and Homework books are being filled ! Homework goes

out every Friday with Spellings, Timestables practice and either a :Literacy or Maths sheet to complete.


If you do have any questions about any of the homework please feel free to see Mrs Linham or any of the class team.