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Welcome to our Class 5 Web Page!


The Year 5 team is Class teacher, Mr Davis, supported by Mrs Gould-Coates and Mrs Campbell. 

2020-2021 Meet The Teacher

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Welcome to that start of our Year 5 journey for 2020-2021.


SPORTS DAY! This week brings to a close our hard work and effort put in to challenging ourselves to be the best that we can. I am so proud of everyone who has submitted their scores and to those who kept up that community spirt! Thank you #TEAMCHURCHILL. 
Check our school website for My Personal best scores over the past couple of weeks.
Click this link to see the final video from WESPORT!

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Half Term!

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A child friendly video to help explain coronavirus (COVID-19) to your children

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Home School Learning

Thank you for your continued support and communications.


At this time, the best way to communicate with the school is through the school office.  Please either phone 01934 852446 or email


If you are off school, please keep up with your times tables by using TTRockstars. The following link will give you access to more maths games that will help with your learning. 


Children that have a login for nessy should also access that for 20 minutes a day.


Reading out loud to an adult, as well as to yourself, for 15-20 mins a day is also recommended. This can be a school reading book, as well as your independent choice. Don't forget all the different genres of fiction and non-fiction.




Along with our weekly spellings, that will be posted each week, here are a list of the statutory spellings for Year 5 and 6, that you can keep learning and recapping whilst we are off school. 

A reminder of the Year 3 and 4 words are also shown.

Welcome 2019/2020


Please find attached the homework expectations for Year 5. On Mondays, reading records will be checked and we will also have our spelling test, therefore children will need their reading record and homework folder in school. 

Year 5 will have PE on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, therefore could you please remind your child to bring their PE kit into school. 

Year 5 Homework Expectations

Space Cookies


We had a fantastic time at Lower Stock Farm when we used their kitchen facilities to bake 'space cookies'. We were very resiliant and overcame a few obstacles along the way to bake some amazing cookies. We had some interesting decorations and some very tasteful ingredients. After a very close run decision, Izzy and Emma 's cookies were declared the winners with their ginger and lemon flavour. We hope you all enjoyed them at home.

Osmington Bay

We are visiting Osmington Bay from Monday 21st October until Friday 25th October. Adults escorting Year 5 are Mr Goodhand, Mrs Gould-Coates, Miss Lambourne and Mr Bush.

For final details, please read the letter below.

The countdown has begun....


Year 5 Homework


In anticipation of our visit to STEAM, please can you make your own gas mask. 


As gas masks needed to be taken everywhere, ingenious solutions were found for carrying them. One designer even came up with leather handbags for ladies, which were actually gas mask cases. 


One of the most common methods for carrying gas masks was a sturdy brown cardboard box with string attached. People carried them over their shoulder. The easiest way to make your own is to collect the boxes that have contained washing tablets, cat food pouches or tea bags, then cover the box with brown paper and attach a piece of string or similar. You can make the lid usable, or simply cover with brown paper. 


Gas mask boxes also had a label either inside the lid or on the bottom of the box. (We will provide this). 


Please bring into class by Thursday 28th November, ready for us to attach the label to it.


Kind regards,


Year 5 team

Dates for your diary 


Wednesday 1st July 2020 - Year 5 Lifecycles trip to Lower Stock Farm.


If there are any parent helpers available on these dates to accompany the class, please inform one of the Year 5 team. 

Below are some of the exciting experiences enjoyed by Year 5 last year.

We had a fantastic time visiting the SS Great Britain this week.  We had great fun exploring the ship; chatting to 'passengers on their voyage to New York and discovering the difference between life as a First Class passenger and life in Steerage.

We had the opportunity to take part in a super workshop where we learnt more about the life of Brunel and his remarkable engineering feats as well as exploring the Dry Dock and seeing the revolutionary iron hull and screw propeller up close.

We finished our day with a trip to the Being Brunel Museum where we particularly enjoyed going inside of Brunel's Mind and going back in time and exploring the sights and sounds of his London and Bristol offices.

The children have been working incredibly hard to research and produce leaflets on the Slave Trade; thinking particularly about Bristol's involvement as an important slaving port.  They have enjoyed producing water colours of slave ships which have proved to be particularly effective.  Well done Class 5!
We had a fantastic time participating in The Power of Music workshops with Heather and Zoe.  The children thoroughly enjoyed discovering how music can impact on their emotions and how it can be used positively to develop their emotional well-being.

The Lion King Junior

Please be aware that children in Year 3, 4 and 5 will be supporting Year 6 in the above production that will be held in school on Thursday 11th July .

There will be 2 performances: a matinee (1:45pm start) and an evening performance (6pm start).


For the evening performance, we need to know whether your child will be attending, and if so, who will be collecting them at the end of the show (anticipated end 7:30pm).

Please complete the consent form on ParentPay if they are able to take part. We also ask that the children bring in a black t-shirt and bottoms (leggings, shorts, skirt or trousers are acceptable).


Please note that only children in Year 6 will be having faces painted.


We have had an exciting time today sharing all of the fantastic Home Learning Projects that the children have completed based on our home city of Bristol.  It has been an absolute pleasure seeing the amount of time and effort the children have put into these projects and we were amazed by the variety of different areas of interest that the children had focussed on - including Ribena; the funicular railway; The SS Great Britain; Bristol Blue Glass; Bristol City Football Club and The Bristol Old Vic.  We were able to enjoy learning from posters, power points, models and we particularly enjoyed watching a super news report with a roving reporter who showed us and taught us about the works of Isambard Kingdom Brunel found in Bristol!

Well done Class 5 - we are all really proud of the efforts you went to and grateful for everything we learnt due to your hard work!

Class 5 have had a fantastic day at St John's Church today finding out more about the history and traditions of our local church and enjoyed taking part in a range of crafts.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who made us so welcome and gave up their time to organise such an enjoyable day and thank you to those parents who were able to join us at the end of the afternoon to share in the short service led by the children.
This term in Science we are learning about Living things and their habitats.  We have begun by revising sexual and asexual reproduction in plants and the children had great fun identifying the parts of a flower.
As we have begun to investigate Bristol's involvement in the slave trade during the 18th century, the children have been considering the difference between 'wants and needs'. This resulted in lots of interesting discussions and helped us to begin to reflect on human rights.
We have begun our summer term by launching our new topic on Bristol.  The children have begun their learning by considering why a settlement grew up next to the river and looking at a series of old maps to investigate how the settlement grew.  We have been comparing maps, considering similarities and differences and have enjoyed locating features of Bristol using grids and co-ordinates.

This term we are continuing to work  hard on developing our understanding of fractions using models and manipulatives.  We have been making links with our previous learning and the children are now confidently using visual representations to show their understanding and using these visual images to reason and problem solve. 

We are now able to begin looking at what we know about fractions, to help us develop our understanding of decimals and fractions and the children are doing brilliantly at making the links.  Well done Class 5!

Well done to everybody in Class 5 who made a fantastic effort to come to school on World Book Day dressed as character from one of their favourite books. We enjoyed lots of fun activities throughout the day including performance poetry, making 'marvellous medicines' and creating group writes and have begun working  in class on techniques to develop our own fantastic characterisations.
We had a great day at Lower Stock Farm learning to use compasses and follow directions.  We had to work as a team and help each other and after learning the basic skills had great fun completing mini orienteering challenges.  By the end of the day, most of us could confidently use a compass, follow directions and recognise features of an Ordinance Survey Map - a good days learning!

After an inspiring visit from the Explorer Dome, we finished our Space Topic by celebrating the amazing Home Learning Projects on the solar system that the children have been working hard on this term.  

We had a really exciting afternoon, exploring all of the varying presentations of learning that the children bought into school and we were delighted with the effort that they had made; the encouragement that they showed each other and the pride that they took in sharing their achievements.  Well done Class 5 - you should be really proud of yourselves!

We have been continuing to work hard on learning our times tables and division facts this term and many of us are making fantastic progress with our times tables challenges.  This has helped us to begin looking at multiplying larger numbers.  

We began by thinking about what multiplication of 3 and 4 digit numbers would look like using Base 10 and place value counters and then moved on to multiplying using the area model and grid method.  

Once we were really confident multiplying using concrete manipulatives, we learnt how to multiply using written standard methods and by the end of term most of us could confidently multiply 4 digits by 2 digits using long multiplication!

We had great fun using the facilities at Lower Stock Farm cooking chocolate chip cookies this week!  The children really enjoyed the opportunity to follow a recipe, weigh out ingredients and even proved that they are dab hands at washing up - although obviously the best bit of the morning was testing out the cookies themselves!
We have begun our new term with an exciting new topic.  This term we are going to be finding out more about 'The Earth and Space' and the children have already begun enthusiastically researching the solar system in preparation for writing an information text about a planet of their choice.  This week we even attempted to make a 'to scale' model of the solar system using fruit, spices and toilet roll (each sheet representing 16 million kilometres!) Although the wet weather hampered our progress, fortunately we did have an informative film clip of other children completing the challenge!

We had a fantastic end to a very busy Christmas term with a beautiful carol service at St Johns.  Thank you to those children and parents who supported us at the church.  It was fantastic to hear their beautiful singing which was the culmination of lots of hard work in school.  Well done Class 5.  

We had fun celebrating Christmas in class with lots of Christmas crafts and activities, our fabulous Christmas meal and some fun games to end the term.  Happy Christmas everyone!

It's been another busy week in Class 5 culminating in an exciting 'Mad Science' workshop where the children had a fantastic opportunity to get involved in hands-on, fun science experiments led by 'Gassy Gaz'.  The photos speak for themselves but suffice to say it was a fabulous way to end our week of learning!

After leading a super Remembrance Service at St Mary's Church we have now finished our topic about World War 1 and have begun finding out about what life was like in Britain in the 1930s.  To launch our new topic on World War 2 we had a fantastic day at STEAM in Swindon.  Thank you to all the parents and children who made a fabulous effort with their costumes to help make our day as authentic as possible and a special thank you to those parents who joined us for the day! 

The children had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing what it would have been like in an air raid and also had the opportunity to learn about what it might have been like to be an evacuee - even being found new homes by the billeting officer at the end of the train journey!

Update from Osmington Bay


Day 4


Once again the weather at Osmington Bay has been very kind to us and we have enjoyed a beautiful dry, sunny day!


The morning began with yet more food before we set off for our first activity, which for some of us was the tunnel trail and for others abseiling.  Both provided great fun and challenges. 


The tunnel trail involved lots of team building games and gave us the chance to let off steam and explore a maze of underground tunnels that included slides and chambers.  Some of us were a little challenged by the small spaces and dark conditions but the sound of laughter, animal noises and squeals abounded as the children searched for animals the same as themselves and hunted for hidden objects - and the challenge became even greater as the 'light hatches' were closed!


Abseiling gave the children more opportunities to build team skills and encourage each other to conquer fears and engage in new experiences.  It was a pleasure to see many of the children who we might not initially have expected to rise to the challenge, surprise us by 'going over the top' and abseiling down the tower with growing confidence and excitement - many of them returning to the top to re-live the experience!


After lunch, we had the opportunity to visit the beach and enjoy the zip wire.


The PGL site is right on the coast and just a five minute walk down to the beautiful shingle beach where we had the challenge to create monsters using natural materials found on the beach.  The children used their imaginations to create monsters and then introduced them, explaining their 'back story' to the rest of the group.  This was followed by the need for patience and resilience as we were challenged to create the tallest towers we could by balancing stones one on top of each other which caused a great deal of laughter and frustration in equal measure.  Our time ended with team racing games; 'What's the time Mr Wolf' and a 'splashing' 'throwing' and 'skimming' competition - won in our group by Albie with a VERY impressive six bounces!!


The zip wire was fantastic fun and created a great deal of laughter and excitement and the instructor commented on how well our children listened to and remembered the instructions given to them throughout the activity.  The children even found the energy (from somewhere!) to run down the length of the zip wire celebrating, when less confident members of the group had the courage to take the zip wire challenge! 


Our final full day at Osmington ended with the much awaited disco and it was great to see the children excitedly preparing for the big event - many of them sporting their 'disco outfits!' Their last ounces of energy were used up on the dance floor and we returned to our rooms for our last 'hot chocolate' and opportunity to reflect on the successes of the day and the opportunity to nominate people who had 'shone particularly brightly that day.'


Tomorrow is an early start as we need to have eaten breakfast and vacated our rooms before our last activity at 9.00 am.  


It has been an absolute pleasure to bring the children away this week and see each and everyone of them accomplish personal achievements and feel proud of themselves and as a staff we have felt privileged to witness this.  Well done Class 5!

Day 3

It has been another lovely sunny day for our adventures.  After a great night's sleep the children were raring to go on the day's challenges.


The children consumed a healthy breakfast fulling up on cereal, toast, beans, sausage and fruit (yes, fruit has been consumed by a vast majority of the crew).

Group 1 then took to the skies on the giant swing.  It was a great team effort with children hoisting their class mates high in the sky before the brave thrill seekers pulled the cord to release the swing.  Their faces were a picture!


Group 2 had a slightly more sedate start with archery. There was lots of concentration as they all aimed for the golden centre of the target. 

By 10:30 it was time for a biscuit (thank you for all of your generous donations) and the groups swapped over.

The morning flew past and it was again time to eat. We luckily has tacos and wraps for lunch as many of us had lost our cutlery in an archery competition - I will let the children explain on their return.  


For the afternoon we again headed out to Portland for another water adventure.  This time, raft building.  The added dimension to this challenge was that we were wearing our own clothes (except for buoyancy aids).  It did not escape the adult's notice that the instructors got to wear wetsuits!


In teams we built rafts using mental poles and barrels tied together by ropes.  We then, rather unwisely in my opinion, headed for the water.  As you can imagine there was lots of laughter and many squeals of delight as the rafts bobbed precariously on the sea.  After everyone was thoroughly soaked we returned to dry land and warm showers.


Tea this evening was followed by another energy filled activity.  This time children were sent off, with their adults in tow, to the corners of the site on a photography challenge.  By hot chocolate time everyone was exhausted and ready for another good night's sleep.  Fingers crossed!






Day Two

We've had another fantastic day at Osmington Bay.  The weather is being super kind to us. After a remarkably peaceful night's sleep (most children had to be woken at 7.15 this morning) we had a busy time conquering the climbing wall and developing fantastic team building skills by playing sensory games and completing sensory challenges whilst wearing 'blind fold' goggles.  We were so proud of their cooperation skills and the way they supported and encouraged each other to complete the team challenges.  Well done Class 5!

After lunch, we set off to Portland, where we changed into wet suits, windcheaters and buoyancy aids and took to the sea in kayaks.  After the opportunity to paddle the kayaks, we had great fun playing water games which resulted in almost all of us getting soaking wet.

After more food, we finished the evening with a 'whodunnit' involving PGL staff dressed up as amongst other things chickens, pirates a gorilla and vikings distributed around the site and children chasing around the site in the dark (with adults in tow) collecting clues and trying to solve the mystery of the 'Snappy the kidnapped crocodile!'

After much anticipated room inspections, hot chocolate, cake and story time the children have gone off to bed ready to re-charge their batteries for another busy day tomorrow.


Day One

We have had a super first day.  The weather has been beautiful and the sun shone on all of us as we took on our first challenge of the trip, the trapeze.  Our accommodation is really lovely and the children are very happy with their room buddies.  


The excitement of dangling high in the sky created healthy appetites and the children loved their tea.  Doughnuts for pudding were a real hit!  


This evening the children have used up their final reserves of energy locating flags and solving clues about countries around the world.  Some great general knowledge was on show!


We have all enjoyed hot chocolate and a night time story. Fingers crossed for a good night's sleep.


As part of our topic on World War One, we have begun reading War Horse.  We were told that we were going to write a letter to Mr Narracott to persuade him not to sell Joey to the army.  We began by forming a conscience alley and each had to call out arguments that might persuade him not to sell Joey to Captain Nicholls.  Then we thought showered all our ideas.  Next we looked at what a good persuasive letter looked like and agreed what we needed to include in our letters to be successful.  All the children worked really hard and have written some super persuasive letters.  Many of them were really proud of what they achieved and were keen to share their writing with the rest of the class.

The children are just finishing completing our focus on place value in maths.  We have been so impressed with the way they have applied themselves to showing a conceptual understanding of the value and structure of numbers up to a million. 


We have spent time creating 4,5 and 6 digit numbers using Base 10 and place value counters, smashing numbers up in to parts and wholes, partitioning and positioning numbers on number lines; comparing and ordering numbers; counting backwards and forwards in powers of 10 and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000.  It has been fabulous seeing their confidence grow and seeing them taking risks in their learning and beginning to explain their understanding and reasoning to one another.  Well done Class 5!  Keep believing in yourselves!

Osmington Bay promotional video

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See below to find out more about what the children experienced 2017 - 2018

We had a fabulous day at the SS Great Britain today discovering all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his amazing inventions.  We  began the day with an excellent tour of the ship and learnt lots about life in first class accommodation and steerage.  The children had great fun exploring the decks and asking excellent questions to further their learning.  Then after lunch, we had a fantastic workshop where we found out more about the inventions of Brunel and his incredible feats of engineering. At the end of the day we had the chance to explore the new Being Brunel museum and look into the mind of Brunel as well as visit many of his rooms in his London home.

A fantastic day was had by all and the children represented their school beautifully.  Well done Class 5!

We are currently very busy finding out information about the slave trade during the 1700's and researching Bristol's involvement in the 'triangular trade'.  The children have been using websites and power points to create their own notes and are now busy using Publisher to create leaflets to inform others about what they have found out.  As well as this, they have begun creating some fantastic water colour pictures of 18th century 'slave ships' and have amazed me with their close observational drawings and attention to detail. We are looking forward to displaying their fantastic work soon!
The children are thoroughly enjoying working with Future Stars Sports Coaches at the moment  developing their 'Kwik Cricket' skills.
We were very fortunate at the beginning of our summer term to spend a beautiful sunny day at Lower Stock Farm, developing our orienteering skills.  The children had great fun exploring Ordinance Survey Maps and learning how to use a compass to find compass points and follow locational and directional language.  This culminated in fun orienteering challenges which required the children to follow directions and discover clues in the woodland.  After a picnic lunch and 'den-building', Farmer Nick took us on a tractor and trailer journey to compare landmarks on the local map with the beautiful Somerset landscape in front of us. A fabulous day packed full of learning. Our grateful thanks to Liz and Farmer Nick!
We have begun our new topic on Bristol by studying historical maps showing the changes in Bristol over hundreds of years.  The children have been thinking about why early settlers would have created a settlement next to the river and the importance of the river in the development of the city over the last thousand years.  We had fun comparing similarities and differences  between the historical maps and using grid references to locate places in Bristol, as well as comparing plan views and aerial images on google maps.
Visiting St Mary's Church today was a super opportunity to end the term by reflecting on the Christian message of Easter.  The 'Easter Experience' gave us the chance to interact with different 'stations' and use  our 'senses' to learn more about the Easter story.
The children have been working really hard in maths this term to develop their understanding of fractions.  With the help of lots of 'manipulatives' and 'pictorial representations' we have been  comparing and ordering fractions; identifying and naming equivalent fractions; converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions with denominators that are multiples of the same number.  Well done Class 5 - some fabulous learning this term - keep up the hard work!
On Friday 16th March, Class 5 had a real treat - visiting St John's Church for our first 'Church Day' led by Mrs Humm and Reverend Tim, who had organised a fantastic day of activities.  When we arrived, we divided up into groups and had the opportunity to bake cakes; learn about the history of the church; design and create crosses to be used in our reflection areas in school; learn to sew and embroider using binca; create flower arrangements and play the handbells!  We all had a fabulous time and are really grateful to all of the volunteers who made our day so enjoyable!
We had a great time visiting Lower Stock Farm today.  During the morning, we spent time with Liz exploring the farm for signs of Spring which are beginning to reveal themselves despite the cold weather!  The children enjoyed bug hunting; visiting the cows and calves as well as having the chance to handle the chickens and play in the woods.  In the afternoon, Farmer Nick took us in the trailer to Lye Cross Farm where we had the opportunity to see part of the production process and packaging of the cheese produced on site.
This term we have been thinking about written methods that we can use to multiply and divide.  We have been challenged to use manipulatives to represent these written methods and this has encouraged us to reason and prove our thinking.  After lots of maths talk and reasoning, we are now using long multiplication to multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers by 2 digits and using short division to divide 4 digit numbers by 1 digit.  Well done Class 5!

We have begun learning about The Americas this term and have done lots of atlas work to discover the countries of North and South America.  We have begun considering the different biomes represented in The Americas and have compared landscapes and climate across The Americas and in the UK.  We have begun to consider how the lines of latitude can help us make generalisations about climate and the type of biomes we might expect to see there and how the lines of longitude help us to understand different time zones. 

As part of our study of the United States of America, we have looked at the work of Ansell Adams and have made collages of his work to show different landscapes found in the USA.

This term the children have been continuing to think about how they can improve the quality of their writing by adding extra detail to their writing using relative clauses and adverbials. 

We have concentrated specifically on the techniques authors use to develop characterisation and have been learning to SHOW what our characters are like through the things that they say and do rather than TELLING the reader. We have also begun to use figurative language to develop characters and settings and have been considering how we can build mystery and suspense in our writing.

Here are some examples of our fabulous writing!

At the end of another busy term we have had great fun getting ready for Christmas.  Class 5 thoroughly enjoyed the Key Stage 1 play and enjoyed preparing for and taking part in the Key Stage 2 Carols by candlelight.  We've had the opportunity for some super Christmas crafts, had our Christmas party and enjoyed wearing Christmas jumpers and eating our Christmas lunch, shared with many parents on the final day.  Happy Christmas everyone!
The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about Britain during World War 2 and have particularly enjoyed learning about how the second world war affected the west country.  They have written some super newspaper reports describing the Bristol blitz and used their imaginations to create some fabulous evacuee diaries.  Today we had the pleasure of a visit from Weston Museum and the children were given the opportunity to handle artefacts dating back to World War 2.  Some of the children in class also brought in to school original newspapers and diary extracts from relatives who lived through the second world war.  What a fantastic way to end our project!
This term we have been thinking about multiplication and division and how they operate as inverses.  We have been making links with out learning in Year 4 and used arrays to explain our understanding of the operations.  We have all been working really hard to learn our tables so that we can recall multiplication and division facts at speed so that we can use these facts to find related facts. We have enjoyed using manipulatives to reason and explain our understanding. Well done Class 5. Keep up the hard work!

After leading a super Remembrance Service at St Marys Church we have now finished our topic about World War 1 and have begun finding out about what life was like in Britain in the 1930s.  To launch our new topic on World War 2 we had a fantastic day at STEAM in Swindon.  Thank you to all the parents and children who made a fabulous effort with their costumes to help make our day as authentic as possible.  

The children had a super day and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing what it would have been like in an air raid and also had the opportunity to learn about what it might have been like to be an evacuee - even being found new homes by the billeting officer at the end of the train journey!

After a fabulous week away at Morfa Bay, the children did a fantastic job of sharing their memories with the rest of the school and their parents today.  It was great to see the children reflect on all the things that they had learnt about themselves, the fears that they had conquered and the things they were really proud of achieving.  Hopefully these photos will help their memories to live on and any parents that couldn't join with us today can enjoy seeing pictures of the adventures that we had together!

Welcome to our Class 5 web page!


Mrs Bryant, Mrs Ford, Mr Bush, Mrs Bessant and Mrs Beadle welcome you to our class page!

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