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SPORTS DAY! This week brings to a close our hard work and effort put in to challenging ourselves to be the best that we can. I am so proud of everyone who has submitted their scores and to those who kept up that community spirt! Thank you #TEAMCHURCHILL. 
Check our school website for My Personal best scores over the past couple of weeks.
Click this link to see the final video from WESPORT!

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A child friendly video to help explain coronavirus (COVID-19) to your children

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Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 13.07.2020

The last week of YR! 


It feels very strange to be writing this sat at my computer and not in front of the class but I wanted to express how wonderful and what a privilege it has been to their class teacher this year. They have grown up so much and gained confidence, knowledge and friendships along the way. I can't wait to see them on Thursday for our breakfast picnic. 


This week's learning is a little different as I have tried to add things that we would be doing in our final week of term. These include making a Summer Bucket list and some transition activities to go into Y1. 


Have a wonderful Summer - we all deserve it I think! 


Mrs B 

Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 06.07.2020

Did you see this rocket blast off to the Space Station a few weeks ago? 

It was incredible to watch and an amazing moment in our history. 

This week our learning is all about dinosaurs and space following the book 'The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet.' 


There are only a few more weeks left now! We are looking forward to some fun activities in the next few weeks we have planned :)


Mrs B 

Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 29/06/2020

Words can't describe how happy the team was to see you on our zoom call last week! It really made us all smile and we are looking forward to seeing you again this week. I will send out an invitation in the following days. 

This week we are looking at vegetables in Oliver's Garden. I know lots of you have been growing your own and I am looking forward to seeing some more pictures. 

I have linked what has been set at home to what is being done in class at the moment. I want to take this chance to reiterate that we do not expect all of this to be done, it is just there if you want to access it. 


Have a lovely week, 


Mrs B 

Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 22/06/2020

I hope you have avoided the awful weather this last week or at least used it for some fun muddy puddle splashing! I am looking forward to the nice weather that we are forecast this week that's for sure!

This week's learning is based around the book 'Zog'. 

I will be sending out an email invitation for our first Zoom meeting on Monday and I am so excited about seeing you all! It has been so long and I imagine you have all grown up so much in your time at home.  


As always, thank you so much for sharing things you have done at home. It really does make our day :) 


Mrs B 

Summer Term 2 - week beginning 15/06/2020

Have you still got your sunflower from our growing project? I took a few of them home and planted them in my garden. They are growing steadily which for me is a miracle! A few of you have sent me pictures of yours and they are doing so well! I think you may have to teach me :) 


This week's learning is based around Prince and Princesses and follows the book Princess Mirror Belle and the Dragon Pox. Similarly to last week, the home learning follows what has been planned for the pods in school. This includes some activities from our restorative curriculum to help children's mental and emotional well being at this time. 

Have lots of fun :) 


Mrs B 

Timetable - 15/06/2020

Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 08/06/2020

This week the home learning and pod learning is linked to 'The Princess and the Wizard.' 

With all the hot weather, this frog has made himself very comfortable in my parent's pond. We have called him Frank. 

This week the learning for home is slightly different. Where it is appropriate I have included the activities that the pods in school will be learning too. This includes some activities around feelings from the restorative curriculum being taught in class. The last few months have affected our children in so many ways and it is important as we start to move into a new part of the situation we take time to give them the tools to access and share their feelings. We have had a few days of meltdowns in the Birkett household and sometimes it is important to take a step back and talk. 

As previously stated, there is no expectation for you to do all of these activities, you can do as little or as many as you think is appropriate. 

If you have chosen to keep your child at home we wanted to reassure you that we will continue to help and support you in your current learning journey. I will be checking tapestry daily as before and will also be taking over our class emails from Mrs Fuller whilst she teaches Pod A. If you have any questions or need any help, please get in touch.

Hoping you all continue to be well and safe,

Mrs B


PS. I miss you all SO much 

Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 01/06/2020

Welcome to Term 6! The last term of your child's first year at school. 

I have very mixed feelings about writing this after not seeing the children for such a long time. This term is my favourite of the whole year. It is a time when we can fully see how far your children have come on their learning journey with us and it is the term of big trips, Sports Day, picnics and all sorts. I am feeling quite sad that these things won't happen but I am thankful that all of the class are safe and well. 

This is also potentially the final week of home learning for some of you as your child returns to school in the near future. I wanted to take this opportunity to further highlight Mrs Woollven's message that whatever you decide for your family, it is respected and supported by the YR team. I will continue to set home learning on this page and will also be planning for the pods in school. 

The whole team are involved this week in the preparation to do this safely and positively and we will be sharing some social stories and online books that you may find useful to share at home before your child returns to Churchill. 

The learning this week is based on one of the children's favourite stories 'The Snail and the Whale.' I have used your mini phonics assessments from home to shape the phonics recap lessons as we have now completed the sound sets. Have lots of fun! 


Mrs B 

Summer Term 1 - Week beginning 18/05/2020

Hello all!

This week our topic is all about Superheroes :) 

I hope you have all had a wonderful week. The class team have been very busy this week with lots of planning and meetings for possible re-opening. Please be ensured that Mrs Woollven and Mrs Bryant in particular are working around the clock to ensure that this can be done safely and effectively. More information will be coming in the following days. Again, thank you for sharing all the work you are doing at home with us. It really does bring a smile to our faces in this uncertain world. 

I have added some additional maths work to compliment the teaching of White Rose maths and in places where I can I have tried to differentiate them more so you can support or extend your child where necessary. I have also changed the phonic teaching now we have come to the end of phase 3. We would use the next few weeks in class to really embed the sounds we have learnt and I have set something similar to do at home. 

My challenge this week is to make a super hero picture like mine! I CAN'T WAIT to see what you do! 

Keep safe, 

Mrs B 

Summer Term 1 - Week beginning 11/05/2020

Hello all,

As you can see the cake actually turned out pretty well! I have surprised myself and my husband wasn't convinced that I had actually made it myself. It even tasted like cake :) I think it was all of the wonderful baking you have shared with me that inspired me. I really hope that you were able to celebrate VE day and have a good bank holiday weekend in the sun.

This week our home learning topic is all about minibeasts. I have included daily activities to compliment White Rose maths and some topic ideas for you along with general 'learning though play' ideas. I have also included a minibeast fact file to help the adults at home too.

We are starting to come to the end of our phase 3 phonic sounds. Phonic learning I will set will start to focus more on the practice and application of the sounds in phase 2 and phase 3 to give the children a firm base for Y1 phonics. 

Have another wonderful and happy week!

Hope that everyone is still safe and well.


Mrs B 

Summer Term 1 - Week beginning 04/05/2020

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Hello all,

This week's topic is all about celebrating. It has been chosen with the 75th VE day on Friday in mind and includes lots of party planning and food :) It is also my husband's birthday this week so think of me trying to bake a cake on Tuesday! You all know how much of a challenge that will be! 

I have included daily activities to compliment White Rose maths and some different topic ideas based mainly on VE day. I have also included a power point presentation about VE day that is age suitable I would have shared in class to help introduce the topic. 

On Friday, my street are having a street party to celebrate VE day. We are all decorating our houses with bunting and banners and then having a picnic on our drives at 3pm. A lovely neighbour is even bringing out some 1940s music for us to enjoy. Although it isn't the same plans as before lockdown, we will all still be able to see each other and celebrate together. Is your street doing anything special? Thank you again for sharing all the wonderful things you are doing at home. It really does make the whole team smile and your efforts are very much appreciated. 

Thank you also for your kind feedback about the stories. I adore reading them for the children and I am so glad that they are enjoying hearing them. Some more will be going on Tapestry in the next few days for them to enjoy.

Have another wonderful and happy week!

Hope that everyone is still safe and well.


Mrs B 

Timetable - 04/05/2020

Summer Term 1 - Week beginning 27/04/2020 'Pirates'

Still image for this video
This week our home learning topic is all about pirates :)

This week our home learning is all about Pirates. 

I have updated the timetable for activities and have included more maths activities to support/extend the White Rose activities. I have also included some things that I thought could be easy to access and useful life skills for the children to explore at home such as telling the time and learning the days of the week and months of the year. Please do not feel like you have to do all that is set, I have just tried to provide a variety of different tasks, activities and ideas that suits all abilities and home situations. 


Family Birkett have been busy this week planting some seeds in the garden and exploring my daughter's home learning topic of farms. 

As always, I really love seeing all the learning you are doing at home. Please keep sharing through Tapestry and our email. 


I have also managed to secure permission to share my storytime videos with you on tapestry. Please log on to your child's account to see them. I really hope you enjoy them. 

I have also attached a print at home certificate for home learning that you are welcome to print off and share with your child. We are all extremely prod of the children and families for rising to the home learning challenge. 


Have a wonderful week, stay well and safe. 


Mrs B :) 

Home Learning Certificate

YR timetable - week beginning 27/04/2020

Summer Term One 


I hope this finds you and your family in good health and good spirits. The Birkett family have spent the last few weeks 'enjoying' doing jobs around the house and garden we have been putting off for years! I have even tried my hand at some baking with some success! Huzzah! My eldest daughter and I have also enjoyed a little research project about ducks as her class had hatched some before the lockdown. 

The team continue to miss you all very much and we love getting emails and photos on tapestry. Thank you so much for sharing them - they really do make our day. 


My husband has very kindly filmed me reading some more story books to share with you. I am just waiting to hear back from the publishers to obtain permission to post them and I will post them on here :) 


I have provided some home learning activities listed in the sections below. I have based the activities around the topic of 'Houses and Homes.'

Following the feedback from the questionnaire, I have also highlighted  the activities with more importance to complete with a '*' and provided a timetable with the activities of the week.  

Please do not feel all the activities need to be completed and that the timetable needs to be followed perfectly. They are there to use as a guide. Being happy, healthy and together is more important. 

Keep smiling,


Mrs B :) 



Year R - Timetable 20/04/2020

Hello everyone,
It certainly has been a very strange few weeks and I can't tell you how strange the classroom without you all and how much the team are missing seeing your smiley faces every day. The whole team hope that you are safe and well and have been sharing some special family time with your loved ones. Please make sure that you are being helpful and give the adults around you lots of hugs, they help people feel happy in times of uncertainty.
I have added some things for you to do at home and will post some on here every week until we are back at school again. You can send me some pictures or completed work on here or tapestry and I would love to see them.
I read the following poem on a teacher's work group and felt it was very apt.
Keep smiling :)
Mrs B


A Teacher's World

Times - they are now changing
We've been asked to stay indoors
And although it's safer for our health
It means we aren't in school no more.
So your teachers wish to tell you,
They've missed you every day,
Their days just haven't been the same,
Since you all went away.
We miss your smiling faces,
Each morning in our class,
We miss your many questions,
We miss your jokes and laughs!
We hope our school
Can soon go back,
To just how it used to be,
But until we safely return,
There's one thing you can do for me.
Please try your best in every way,
With the online tasks you do,
Dedicate time to your e-learning
Choose a challenge, choose a few!
We know you'll all be wonderful,
In trying the work we've set,
You've made us so proud everyday,
So don't give up just yet!
And we hope and hope
and hope some more,
To see you very soon,
A teacher's world is just too empty,
Without our students in the room.

Lovely parents and carers,
In these unprecedented times I understand that we are all in a very strange position and taking on roles that we never thought we would. Many of us now find ourselves (myself included) working from home, trying to educate our children, look after family members and run a household in lock down. I have tried to reflect this in work I have set and wherever I can, have given tasks that require a minimal amount of adult support to complete it. I have also put a 'provision' page on here with ideas of things to 'play' with at home that would be similar to the provision we would offer in class. These 'play' activities are purposeful and provide children with opportunity to embed or practice skills that have been taught. I have also found a number of websites, apps and online activities that may be of use to you to help give our children the best possible time which I will put in there too. If your family come across any, please get in touch and I will add to it. We are all in this together! 

If you need me, please contact me through the school email address or tapestry. I will try my best to respond ASAP but please be aware that this may not be until late evenings.
Hope that you are all well and safe.
Mrs Birkett

With the news tonight  of the school closing, I have prepared some initial activities that you can do with your child at home. I understand that this can be a daunting task to undertake and one that you may not have ever expected. I have tried to keep the activities as simple and easy to resource as possible whilst also making it fun too. I plan to set up more class work each evening which I will post on this class page. These will range from literacy/phonics work to maths and topic work. I have put a link below to our sound mat we use in class to support writing at home and also some 10 frames to support maths work. I also hope to try to post videos of some phonic and maths teaching. If you need any help, please contact me through tapestry. I will also have 2 small people at home to look after so please be understanding I may not reply until late evening


Stay safe. 


FYI, currently we are working on addition, subtraction and doubling in maths and have covered all phase 2 sounds (orange side of sound mat) and up to ow in phase 3 (purple side of sound mat).


Welcome to YR!


This term we are going to be studying the topic 'Rumble in the Jungle'.



Please take a look at our topic web below to find out how...


Class photo that appeared in the Weston Mercury First Class Supplement