Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

2021 Osmington Bay Residential for Year 5 and Year 6

Dear parents - another full day enjoyed by all. We are just sitting by our virtual indoor camp fire. A little bit wet again outside but it is not dampening our spirits. As you will see from our photos we have been up to a huge amount today and have been experiencing some bracing wind and downpours - not enough to stop us though. Climbing, aero-ball,  zip-wires, beach walks, archery and a group hike this afternoon to see a little more of the local area - including a stop for some ice-creams. We also managed to avoid the drop-spiders in the local woodland (placing grass on your heads always keeps them away). Plenty of memories being made and two more birthdays to celebrate today. We hope you are all well back at home - hopefully we will manage to get some rafting done tomorrow, it's been too windy to get on the water so far. More photos to follow. 


Take care and best wishes,


From the children and Osmington Bay team

Day three photos

Dear parents,


We have had a super stay so far with plenty of activities including abseiling, climbing, orienteering, sensory trails, aero-ball, orienteering and zip-wires. The weather has been a mix so far with rain yesterday when we arrived but it really brightened up this afternoon (Tuesday). The children have been kept really busy and active and are enjoying themselves - they are getting used to the opportunity to challenge themselves, try new things and leave their comfort zones. There have been some wonderful achievements when many of them have climbed higher than they expected, stepped off the abseiling tower and recognising that they can achieve what they previously thought was too challenging for them. You will all be incredibly proud of them when they return on Friday with all of the stories of the activities that they have done - we have all been incredibly impressed with them so far. We are working on their rooms... although some of the bedrooms have been incredibly well-organised with shoes laid out, duvets very flat, teddies and soft toys arranged very neatly and wash-bags presented in height order. Full marks for these children!

The food has been great so far, plenty of options for them - they are definitely not going hungry!  Full cooked breakfast today with cereals, fruit and toast - a wide range of choices for lunch and our evening meal too. 


We are taking plenty of photos and are going to aim to do a daily update - tomorrow we have dragon boat racing (in the afternoon when the weather has settled a bit). We have also been taken care of very well by the centre staff here who have looked after us all very well. 


We hope that you are all safe and well back at home and will update you again tomorrow evening.

Take care and best wishes from the team here.