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Churchill CofE Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 

Summer Reading Challenge 2021


The annual event is back!


It's FREE to take part.


Sign up in any North Somerset library from Sat 10th July.


Read 6 books and collect a reward per book.


Complete the challenge by Sat 11th September to receive a certificate and medal.


Run by The Reading Agency, the Summer Reading Challenge encourages 4-11 year olds to keep reading books over the summer to boost their reading skills. This year's theme is Wild World Heroes- a very special nature-themed challenge in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund- that will inspire children to stand up for the planet.

Summer Term 5

It is lovely to be back together in school again for the start of Year 6's final two terms here at Churchill Primary and as they prepare for their transition to secondary school.  There will be lots of exciting events coming up so please keep an eye out for updates over the coming weeks.  


Term 5 overview

Please take a look at what we will be learning in each of the curriculum areas over the next six weeks.

Kilve Court Residential

We were delighted to be able to organise a residential trip to Kilve Court on the Quantock hills to celebrate all of the achievements and successes of the children in Year 6 over the last year.  It has been such a pleasure to work with this fabulous group of children and it was lovely to see them enjoying each other's company and having fun together.  We are very proud of everything they have achieved this year, their resilience and fantastic attitude to learning and most importantly the kindness they show each other and their super sense of humour and determination to be the very best that they can be.  Well done Class 6!  We will miss you!

The Sports Project

On the last day of term, we had great fun when The Sports Project came in to school and led a challenging (and exhausting) 30 minute sports session where we worked super hard to set ourselves targets and beat personal bests.




William Morris inspired lino prints

The children have had great fun this term designing and creating lino prints based on an exploration of William Morris designs.  It has been a long but exciting process, involving lots of different small steps and the children are rightly really proud of the fabulous prints that they have created.  Well done Class 6!

The Last Wild

There was much excitement in school this morning as the children began thinking about our new class novel The Last Wild by Piers Torday. 


Our first lesson gave us lots to think about when a tray with a large container of 'Formul-A' appeared in class with a sign saying 'Welcome to Spectrum Hall'.  The children were told that this was a school dinner from the future and were asked to examine the various items and information attached to the container to see if they could come up with some questions and predictions about this 'future world'. 


They were asked to consider whether they thought this was a future that they would like to be part of and what they thought had happened to the world in this future where animals and plants were extinct and Factorium was 'The Island's No. 1 company - looking out for you!'

Avon Fire Service

Climate Change

Term 4
To find out more about what we will be learning about this term, please look at our attached Curriculum Jigsaw.

Term 4 Curriculum Overview

It has been so wonderful to welcome the children back in to school this week and see them enjoying interacting with one another again and running around and playing together in the playground.  We have been really impressed with the way that they have settled back in to the rhythm of school life and their positive attitudes and behaviours - it has been a joy to see!


Today we were able to enjoy our own school 'World Book Day'.  We were joined in class by amongst other things: several vampires; Goldilocks and the 3 bears; Billionaire Boy; several characters from Harry Potter; Alex Rider and Arthur Dent from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.


The children particularly enjoyed the 'Masked Reader' quiz put together by some of the staff and were very perceptive at guessing which members of staff were reading - despite the clever 'disguises' and 'weird and wonderful' voices!


It was lovely to see the children sharing book recommendations and we finished the day with a treat; watching Wonder (the book that we read together over lockdown).


We hope that you enjoy looking at photos of our day - many of which were taken as the children re-engaged with our 'Can You Still?' retrieving information learnt in our maths curriculum over the last year to answer 'quiz-style' questions.  A great first week back Class 6. It is great to have you back!

The children have been working incredibly hard on developing their use of formal language over the last few weeks.  We have been studying the book Suffragette by David Roberts and finding out about the Suffragist and Suffragette movement during the first half of the twentieth century.

The children have had lots of different opportunities to write and have been focussing on various genres, including newspaper articles, balanced discussions and creating their own campaign speeches.  We hope that you enjoy reading some of the super pieces of work submitted.  

We are really proud of the way that the children have demonstrated our four acorns over lockdown, showing a readiness to work; being responsible for their learning and asking for support when necessary; showing respect for their teachers and peers during on-line Teams meetings and showing incredible resilience in difficult times.  Well done Class 6!

Term 3
The children worked incredibly hard on creating their own cyclical sequels to The Promise by Nicola Davies.  Their challenge was to include noun phrases and figurative language to create strong visual images with their words,  We hope you enjoy reading just some of the super examples submitted by the children.  Well done Class 6 - we are so proud of you!
After our second lesson developing illustration techniques, the children have begun creating characters for their picture book.  It is very exciting seeing such expressive characters being developed!  Well done Class 6 - keep up the hard work!

We are so proud of the way that the children in Class 6 have been working during Lockdown.


Our regular class check-ins and lesson introductions are helping us stay positive and focussed on being the best that we can be and it is lovely to have the opportunity for interactions during these inputs, during 1:1 or small group meetings to further support learning and in our small group well-being check-ins.


We have been continuing our work with fractions, practised using four quadrants to plot coordinates, translate and reflect and are now continuing our work with decimals.


In English we have been studying the book The Promise by Nicola Davies and have been learning how to effectively include figurative language in our writing.  The children are currently busy writing sequels to this cyclical story.  We are looking forward to celebrating their achievements on our class page!


In History we are finding out about the Shang Dynasty and are discovering more about the Buddhist faith.


For our Science lessons online, we are studying light.  So far we have looked at different light sources and how materials can be translucent, transparent or opaque.  We have also begun understanding reflection and how light bounces off some materials but not others.


This term we were due to study 'data handling' in Computing, so we have begun an online unit about 'flat-file databases' this week, beginning with creating our own paper-based record cards to sort in order to compare the efficiency of online databases to paper databases.  We look forward to exploring this topic further.


For music, we are studying 'metre' and enjoying learning about different time signatures through singing at home.


The children are enjoying the opportunity to learn, from a children's illustrator, techniques that will help them create and illustrate their own picture book, based on The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.  They have begun by drawing portraits which they will then use to create their own characters.  I am sure that you will agree that they have produced some super initial art work!


Well done Class 6.  Keep up the hard work!

Term 2
Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been working on producing letters 'in role'.  They have been asked to write a letter as if they were Beowulf, telling their father 'in glorious detail' about their battle with Grendel.  We have been so super impressed with the amazing letters that the children have produced and are so proud of the fabulous descriptive language they have used, modelled on Michael Morpurgo's retelling of the story of Beowulf.  Well done Class 6 - your determination to be the very best that you can be is inspiring!

This term in Class 6, linked with our Anglo Saxon and Vikings topics, we will be creating our own dragons and basing our writing around the texts 'Dragonolgy' by Dugald Steer.  As well as this we will be finding out about Norse Myths and Legends and writing our own myth based on these models.  In Science we will be discovering more about our circulatory and digestive systems and the position and function of our major organs. 


To find out more about what we will be learning about this term, please look at our attached Curriculum Jigsaw.

Term 1

The children have been enjoying hearing more of the story of Beowulf, an epic poem told by the Anglo Saxons. They were asked to write a news report, following the savage attack on the mead hall Heorot by the monster Grendel.  

We studied the features of a news report and considered how to use formal language and stock phrases to structure our writing.

The children were extremely proud of their news reports and enjoyed sharing their writing to inspire each other, spurring one another on to be the very best that they could be.  Well done Class 6.  What a fantastic first extended write!



September 2020: Meet the Year 6 team

As we are unable to meet face to face with our Year 6 parents and introduce ourselves and the way we work in Class 6.  We have created a 'Meet the Year 6 Team' power point which will hopefully answer any questions that you may have.


Should you have any further questions, please contact us through the school office email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


We are thoroughly enjoying getting to know the children and look forward to having the opportunity to discuss how they are settling in at our remote parent consultations later in the term!

What are we learning in Year 6 this term?

Below is our current curriculum jigsaw which gives details of what we will be learning in the different curriculum areas this term. 

Our topic is the first of two topics about 'Invaders and Settlers' and this term we begin with the Anglo-Saxons.   Our writing is linked to our topic book 'Beowulf'.

In Science we are looking at Living Things and learning all about the classification systems used by scientists. 

Take a look at the jigsaw below to see what else we will be learning.