Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Term 6

Our topic for Term 6 is






Summer Reading Challenge 2022


This year's challenge runs from Saturday 9th July to Saturday 10th September in North Somerset Libraries.


The theme is 'Gadgeteers', developed in partnership with the Science Museums Group. The challenge aims to show children that science is all around us every day and inspire them to unleash their curiosity and creativity.


Well done to all the children for reading at home 4790 times since starting Year 2 in September 2021.


As a class, you have earned 9 amazing treats for every block of 500 points. You have finished the year with 290 points towards treat 10 (a half treat before the end of term)


Super work Year 2

Using our puppets to practise, rehearse and perform plays, stories, poems and songs

Our finished products include a selection of koalas, kangaroos, sugar gliders, sharks, crocodiles and kookaburras.

D and T

We are still working hard on our amazing Australian animal hand puppets.

Part 3.....sewing the body. 

Part 4.....adding the detail.



We have been learning to understand that there are different types of touch and we can tell you which ones we like and don't like. We have used vocabulary like touch, cuddle, hug, squeeze, acceptable, unacceptable, comfortable and uncomfortable                                                                We are confident to say what we like and don't like and can ask for help if we need it. 'STOP IT, I DON'T LIKE IT' and speaking with a firm voice to say 'NO' are phrases that we have been practising to say.


Appropriate touch

Geography and ICT

Here are our powerpoint presentations comparing Australia and UK. We have worked really hard on developing our keyboard skills in ICT. We have learned a lot of new skills this term. We hope you enjoy reading our powerpoints.


This week in PSHE, we have been learning about girls' and boys' bodies. First, we started by naming the outside or 'public' parts like head, ears, waist, hips, thigh, shin, knee and playing a version of the 'Simon says' game called 'Mrs Hardwick says.' We labelled two chalk bodies and learned the technical terms for 'private' parts. Finally, we dressed the chalk bodies to demonstrate how these areas of the body are kept private, also discussing functions of clothes- to keep warm, to look nice, to keep private parts private.

We have also re-looked at the PANTS poster which is on display in the classroom as well as the toilet areas.

Nineth 500 Reading Points Achieved


On Monday 4th July, we achieved our next target of 500 reading points for reading regularly at home.


We now need to decide if we combine this with our eighth treat or have two separate treats.


Well done everyone for keeping up with your regular reading.

Teamwork session 2


Today's teamwork activity involved seeing how many pieces of paper 2 children could 'hold' between them. What a hilarious lesson it was!

D and T

We are making hand puppets as part of our learning in D and T. Our theme is Australian animals.

Part 1.....making a prototype. 

Part 2.....drawing around a template and cutting shapes out of felt.

Our Garden Plot


 There are now vegetables like sweetcorn and beetroot planted in our Year 2 garden plot.

Thank you, Mrs Holdaway, for helping us!


We are also very lucky to have some amazing, colourful poppies growing there too.

Making the most of the sunshine again for our weekly check in!


Temperature, mass and capacity

During the last few weeks, we have been learning about measures, sorting and reading scales. 


We have used lots of vocabulary and symbols.......mass, gram, g, kilogram, kg, lighter, heavier, capacity, volume, millilitre, ml, litre, l, temperature, Celsius, 'C, degrees, <  >  =


Maths Numberlines and scales

In maths this week we have been looking at filling in numbers on numberlines and scales, sometimes where the divisions are marked in and sometimes where there are no divisions. The children had to think carefully about where the divisions would be and how the numbers fit, relative to each other.

Weather reporters!

As part of our 'Down Under' topic, we have been learning about the different weather patterns in different parts of Australia and how these are similar to, or different from our own.

We became weather reporters and gave our own weather reports!

Friday 10th June is the Sponsored Spelling Challenge.

PE (Teamwork skills)

In PE with Miss Pike this term we are looking at developing our teamwork skills with the ultimate aim of being superstar orienteerers by July.


Today we became tortoises! we had to manoeuvre  6 children (legs) and the mat (the tortoise's shell) across the hall.  Our first attempt wasn't very good! We found that laughing made the 'shell' fall off. Throughout the lesson we developed different strategies to help us. Communication was key! The 'legs' at the front needed to make sure everyone was ready before moving off and the 'legs' at the back needed to communicate if the tortoise was moving too fast. Some tortoises made sure they had a good rhythm to move at the same speed. We also thought about how group encouragement was the key to keep going.


Still image for this video

Changing Me (PSHE)


We worked together as a class to share our ideas and thinking about changes. We also read a story called The Cautious Caterpillar, which reinforced the idea of life cycles, overcoming fears and worries, then becoming brave and happy about new changes.

Making patterns with 2D and 3D shapes


We have been learning to recognise and make our own repeating patterns using shapes. 

We identified the repeating parts, continued the patterns, made predictions and talked about shapes being in different orientations/positions.


two-dimensional (2D) three-dimensional (3D) flat, solid, corner, vertex, vertices, side, edge, face, curved, straight, round, line of symmetry, vertical, pattern, orientation/position