Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Our Curriculum and resources for families

Curriculum Statement


At Churchill Church of England Primary School, we see children as incredible and powerful learners.   We want to inspire a love of learning and we take this responsibility seriously.  Our fantastic team are committed to providing exciting experiences and challenges which feed our children’s curiosity of the world and embrace their inquisitive nature. 


Our ambitious and inclusive curriculum is designed to facilitate education of the highest quality. Structured learning draws on children’s experiences and interests and builds on their existing knowledge.  There is a clear progression in all subject areas, which helps children to learn successfully, develop a deep understanding and acquire a rich knowledge base. As well as striving to promote academic excellence, we want our children to develop their understanding of the value that they can add to the world.


Underpinning our curriculum and teaching are our Christian values and four key attitudes for life:  be ready, be resilient, be responsible and be respectful.  Learning is a lifelong journey and we foster a ‘can do’ attitude through a growth-mindset, among our school community.  At Churchill Primary School, children are safe to make mistakes and see these as an important part of learning.


Fundamental to our broad curriculum is a focus on knowledge and skills that are rich, challenging and promote academic excellence. We are committed to being the best version of ourselves we can be and we challenge our children to be the same.


Learn with passion to live with purpose