Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Our School Dog

Bracken is a 3 year old golden labrador and he has been our school dog since he was 12 weeks old.  You can see photographs of him as a very small puppy, if you scroll down this page.

This Easter Bracken helped out with trimming the large willow tunnel in the playground.  Many sticks were chewed :-)

The Easter break could not come soon enough for a lot of the children, the team and also Bracken. One exhausted school dog!

Bracken loves to be involved in all aspects of school life.  Here he is getting involved with painting the Studio.

Our school dog is a big part of our school family.  The children love to take him for walks on the field and play fetch.    Last week Bracken was helping out tiling the school hall. He found the box far more interesting than grouting!

Spring 2018, three pupils from Year 6 accompanied Bracken to Langford Small Vets Practice for a check-up.  They asked the veterinary nurse lots of questions about how we care for Bracken.  On the way out they met a very little puppy.  I think they would of quite liked a second school dog!

Bracken had great fun on his half term break.  As part of his training we took him to lots of new places and gave him the opportunity for some new experiences. He had a ride on a steam train, he went on a ferry and he took a tentative dip in the sea.  As you can see, he needed quite a lot of encouragement!

The second Bracken Team have started and they are working hard on training Bracken to walk to heel.  They are all doing a great job. 

Bracken had his first 'Pawsitive' pets session on Wednesday.  He enjoyed lots of sausage treats.  Here are some pictures of him learning to follow instructions from the trainer.
Bracken has had a busy couple of weeks in school.  Firstly he had to meet all of the adults and children.  This involved lots of cuddles!

Even some old friends came to visit.

Bracken also had a visit to the vets.  Three friends came along to find out more about Bracken's vaccinations.  They asked lots of great questions and then shared their new learning with the whole school.
On Sunday 17th September Bracken had his first walk out in the woods at Tyntesfield.  He did lots of exploring and thoroughly enjoyed all the new sights and smells.  His adventures did mean he needed a good bath!
Scroll down to see Bracken as a very young Puppy.

Bracken, a golden labrador puppy, will being joining our school at the start of September.

Bracken is eight weeks old today, 6th August, and has been with our family for just four days.  Here are some pictures of the day we went and collected him.



Bracken has been exploring his new home as well as getting out and about to experience new sounds and smells.  In the photograph below Bracken is enjoying his first trip to Cadbury Garden Centre where he had lots of strokes and met many new people.  Until he has his vaccinations Bracken must be carried around but he is already excited to be out and about.

Bracken meets Rafi

Bracken has been learning about how to be a school dog from an experienced hand. Rafi, the chocolate labrador in the photograph, and Zuri are both school dogs at Flax Bourton Primary School.  Bracken was very interested in his new friends.  Meeting other vaccinated dogs is an important part of Bracken's socialisation programme.


Cuddles are still Bracken's favourite thing

Bracken has been learning lots of new skills.  He can now sit, give his paw, lie down and 'stay' to command.  We are using hand signals and clear verbal instructions to help Bracken learn what we want him to do.

Bracken has been to visit the vets for his first set of immunisations.

Whilst out and about Bracken met up with some friends. Michael and Isaac really enjoyed their cuddles.

Bracken is now 10 weeks old