Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Term 2

Term 2 Topic Map

Anthony Frost


We looked at the work of Anthony Frost and identified shapes and colours that he used. We then selected different materials to create a textured surface in the style of this abstract artist.


All our art work then had a coat of white emulsion painted on, so that the poster paint would stick to the textured surface. Just like Anthony Frost, we used primary colours and did not mix the paints.

Paper weaving

This is a sneak preview of what our hand made Christmas cards may look like. The children showed great concentration, perseverance and resilience, with many children learning a brand new skill.


'I've got the hang of it now.'

'I can't do this.' Later on..... 'I've done it.'

'Wow, that's amazing!'

Painting in Art


We listened to the story of Wilberforce the Frog, who with his dad painted different coloured and shaped stepping stones. 


We painted their stepping stones and then created some of our own, thinking about the visual elements of pattern and shape.

Second 500 Reading Points Achieved


On Monday 23rd November, Year 2 achieved their second 500 points for reading regularly at home (587 points in total)


The children have voted for their well earned extra GOLDEN TIME.


Well done everyone. Keep up with the great reading!


Guy Fawkes Fact Files

The first step towards writing these fact files was to become fact detectives! We used different sources of information to hunt for facts about Guy Fawkes. We then had to decide under which heading our facts would belong. 'Early Life', 'The Plot', 'What Went Wrong' or 'How is Guy Fawkes Remembered?'. 
We also retrieved information from this video clip...

Our Fabulous Firework Poems

Responding to the work of Wassily Kandinsky

We first thought about the shapes we wanted to use in our masterpieces. Thinking about the use of space too, we drew around shapes which were overlapped or drawn in isolation.

Next, we added lines. Again thinking about space, we drew different lines- long, short, straight, curved, thick and thin.

Finally, we used watercolour paints to add the colour. We are impressed with the final results and think our skills of using watercolours have improved from last week.

                    Shape, Line and Colour in Art

We have been looking at the artist Wassily Kandinsky, thinking about how he uses shape, line and colour in his works. We have discussed some of his paintings and we are going to recreate his style in our own work. We will be using watercolours, so this week we have been learning how to use them effectively, by painting some black and white templates.



Learning about Position and Direction in Maths


We have been practising whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. When it has been dry, we have taken our learning outside and followed verbal instructions. We have used 3D characters and moved them on a map and we have also had a go at writing our own directions. That was really tricky, but we were successful in our own ways, whether we used words like left turn, right turn or one quarter turn clockwise.

Our Fire! Fire! topic continues this term, but we move onto learning about Guy Fawkes.

We will be using the texts History Makers: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot and Mr Fawkes, The King and the Gunpowder Plot as a basis for our learning across all curriculum areas.