Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Term 2

In Term 2, we are continuing with the topic of 'Fire! Fire!', but our focus this term will be on The Gunpowder Plot.

Suggested recommended reads for Year 2

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Books for Year 2. Great Reads for 6-Year-Olds (

EdShed Spelling

Please find your child's username and password in the back of the yellow reading record book.


The spellings for your child are set specifically for him/her. Paper copies of the words to learn for the week will still be sent home in the weekly homework folder.

Please come in and see us if you have any problems.

Merry Christmas 


Happy New Year


Stay safe and keep well


See you all in 2023

Thank you so much for all the thoughtful messages, cards and gifts that you have given the Year 2 team this Christmas.


We have been reading the text Rosie Revere, Engineer this term and were inspired to design our own helpful inventions.

Third 500 Reading Points


On Monday 12th December, we achieved another target of 500 points for reading at home.

Since starting Year 2, as a class we have achieved 1525 reading points.


We voted for another well earned bring a teddy into school for the day!



'Op Art' masterpieces transformed into Christmas cards


We have linked our shape learning in maths to our art and have created some amazing Christmas cards.

Bridget Riley and 'Op Art'

We have been learning about the work of this artist. 'Op Art' or optical art is a form of abstract art. The still image gives the illusion of movement and is created by the use of pattern and colour.


Like Bridget Riley in the 1960's, we have created our own abstract pieces of art using only black and white.

Experimenting with thin, thick, wavy, straight and bold lines, we thought carefully about the spacing of these lines to give an illusion of movement.


We are using our black and white collage masterpieces to turn them into Christmas cards.


Henri Matisse

Part 2- Complementary colours


In his collaged images, Matisse placed primary and complementary colours side by side. We looked at the colour wheel and learned that complementary colours are on opposite sides of the wheel. The complementary colours are..........

red and green

blue and orange

purple and yellow

We have created some complementary colour masterpieces using torn paper.


Collage Unit

In art, we are experimenting with different techniques and responding to the work of artists like Henri Matisse.

We looked at his work 'The Snail' and used the technique of tearing papers and arranging them by overlapping.

We used the primary colours and created some super work. See if you agree.

Second 500 Reading Points Achieved


On Monday 14th November, Year 2 achieved the remaining 18 points that were needed to achieve another class reading treat. On Wednesday 16th November the children had their treat of some 'Golden Time' where they could choose to play with the wet play toys. Some children made Lego models, others did some drawing with the gel pens, other children made jigsaws and others played some of the card and board games. 


Well done everyone! 


Today, you have also made a good contribution to the third 500 reading points!

ICT - programming

We learned the term 'debug' this week. When we give instructions for something or someone to move and we make a mistake, then we need to debug the programme to make it correct!

We also had to think carefully about which was is left and which is right.

We are great gardeners! Look what we have harvested from our Year 2 garden plot.

Abstract Artist

Anthony Frost


At the end of term 1, we started looking at the work of Anthony Frost and identified shapes and colours that he used. We then selected different objects and materials to create a textured surface in the style of this abstract artist.


All our artwork then had a coat of emulsion applied so that the poster paint would stick to the textured surface. Just like Anthony Frost, we used primary colours and did not mix the paints.


We also learned that Anthony Frost would never use black and white on their own. He would however only use white to lighten a colour (tint)


Vocabulary...... surface, shape, building up, layering, collage, prime, emulsion, tints

We are amazing abstract artists!

We are regular readers!

Second 500 Reading Points

By the end of term 1 we achieved 721 points for reading regularly at home.


Therefore, we have started term 2 with 221 points. 

ONLY 279 to go until our next class treat!