Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Term 5

Suggested recommended reads for Year 2

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Books for Year 2. Great Reads for 6-Year-Olds (


Please find your child's username and password at the back of the yellow reading record book.

Reading for Pleasure


Please feel free to join us to help inspire and

share a love of reading with the children.


Tuesdays 3.00 pm – 3.15 pm in

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms.


Thank you to the parents/carers who have joined us so far.......

Poppy's mum, Edward's mum, Megan's dad, Esther's mum

Our topic this term is GROWING

Our Science focus is linked to growing plants. We will be learning the names of different plants and the conditions that they need in order to grow and be healthy. Please do let us know of any successes your child may have growing anything at home!


Tuesday 16th May


The whole school theme of the day was 'collage'.

We used our prior knowledge of artist Henri Matisse and complementary colours to help ensure our collaborative masterpiece was bright and colourful!

Kurt Schwitters and his use of 'non art' materials inspired us to achieve some amazing results!

See what you think!






We are green fingered gardeners!


During the afternoon, we worked collaboratively to improve the school garden. We made the most of the warm weather and spent about 80 minutes..........

weeding, planting, sowing, sorting, digging, labelling and watering

This session was also part of our seventh reading treat!


We even had time for some reading!





Cake and Portrait Competitions


Well done to all the Year 2s who took part.


Special congratulations to......

Cake Competition Winners

1st Ted, 2nd Evie, 3rd Bill


Portrait Competition Winners

1st Elliot, 2nd Esther, 3rd Edward


Seventh 500 Reading points


 On Tuesday 9th May, we achieved another target of 500 points for reading at home. There are currently 44 points on our eighth chart.

We have voted to spend a session in the school garden, as this links in with our topic on GROWING.

Reading Time


We really enjoy sharing fiction and non fiction texts, particularly when there are multiple copies of our new ULS books. Some of us take turns to read a page each, some of us read the text together and some of us prefer to read on our own.

hAiRcUt DaY!

Our grass heads have grown really quickly, so we decided to give them a hair cut! See below for our before and after photos...




We are scientists!

We have set up a fair test in science to see which conditions are best for a runner bean seed to grow and be healthy.

One seed has water, sunlight, soil and the right temperature.

One seed doesn't have water.

One seed doesn't have soil.

One seed doesn't have sunlight.

One seed doesn't have the right temperature.


We are observing closely the changes (or lack of changes!)

Week 1

Week 2

We have been learning about seeds themselves in more detail. We each dissected a runner bean seed to find out what's inside. Ask your child to point out on the photograph the seed coat, food store and which parts will grow into the roots or the stem.

We are amazing artists!


We have been learning how to represent texture by making different marks. We used a pencil to practise and experiment creating different effects.


We then used our new knowledge to create imaginative doodles. Shapes and lines were chosen and used within our drawings. Look how well we have used different textures within our work.

We are wonderful writers!


Our text in English this term is The Minpins by Roald Dahl. We read extracts from the text and used our detective comprehension skills to write down...

a) what the creature looks like

b) what the creature does


Using the information we had gathered, we then drew a picture of what we thought the creature looked like.

Then we used all this information to write a character description.

This afternoon, with our Year 5 book buddies, we will be asking them to read our own descriptions and then they will have a chance to draw a picture of the character. Hopefully we have included enough detail for them to follow!

Here are some extracts from our writing.

Please celebrate the use of conjunctions to extend sentences and adjectives to add a bit more sparkle!


'He chases humans and Minpins through the deep, dark forest' Charlie.


'When the Spittler chases after you, hot, red smoke comes out of his nose and mouth.' Jack


'There is so much smoke that the Spittler can't see but his amazing and magical nose tells him exactly where to go.' Ted


'He eats humans in one gulp because he has fire in his belly.' Edward


'He chases after you in the dark woods with the smelly smoke cuddling around you.' Oliver



We are terrific mathematicians!


 We have been learning to tell the time to 5 minutes. Using 3 counters and a baseboard, we made and read the correct time. We really enjoyed this challenge.

We are super readers!

We have been reading poetry and learning how to really use our voices when reading the texts. We have been........

  • Reading the words carefully, accurately and automatically.
  • Taking note of punctuation, pausing in the correct places.
  • Reading with a steady pace and rhythm.
  • Emphasising words in bold.
  • Learning the words.....poet, poem, line, rhyming, non rhyming.
  • Recognising pairs of rhyming words and rhyming lines.
  • Choral reading, echo reading, paired reading