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Churchill CofE Primary School

Term 6

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Suggested recommended reads for Year 2

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Reading for Pleasure


Please feel free to join us to help inspire and

share a love of reading with the children.


Tuesdays 3.00 pm – 3.15 pm in

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms.


Thank you to the parents/carers who joined us for sessions last term.......

Poppy's mum, Edward's mum, Megan's dad, Esther's mum

Our topic this term is......






Parents and carers

of Year 2


Thank you SO much for all your wonderful messages, cake and gifts. You are incredibly kind.


We are really proud of your children who have been consistently brilliant all year. We will miss each and every one of them. Thank you too for your continued support.


Have a wonderful summer break.



Well done to all the children for reading at home 4490 times since starting Year 2 in September 2022.


As a class, you have earned 9 amazing treats for every block of 500 points. Super work Year 2

Nineth 500 Reading points


On Monday 17th July, we achieved our final Year 2 set of 500 points for reading at home. (We actually achieved 490, but the teachers thought that we DID deserve our special treat)


Well done everyone!

Keep up your enthusiasm for reading!




We are marvellous mathematicians!


Planning a fraction party

We used our knowledge of halves, quarters and thirds to make our food choices eg. Half a cup of juice or three quarters of a cup? We then decorated our own paper plate.

Preparing and making......

Having made our choices, we then set about preparing our food..... pouring, cutting, spreading and of course lots of maths skills like counting, measuring and checking!!

Eating and enjoying......

This was our reward after lunch! We really enjoyed consuming our fraction food while watching a video called 'The Birthday Party'



This week in PSHE, we have been learning about girls' and boys' bodies. First, we started by naming the outside or 'public' parts like head, ears, knees etc. We then labelled two bodies and learned the technical terms for 'private' parts. Finally, we dressed the bodies to demonstrate how these areas of the body are kept private, also discussing functions of clothes- to keep warm, look nice, to keep private parts private 


We have done a science investigation about germs, how they spread and the best way to get rid of them! We had three children with glitter 'germs'. One child cleaned their hands with a paper towel, one with water and one with soap and water.



Learning about healthy eating and making the right choices,

we engaged in lots of discussion and sorted the cards into the appropriate columns, justifying our opinions.

Eighth 500 Reading points


On Monday 19th June, we achieved another target of 500 points for reading at home.


Here are some photos of our teddy day reward.


Well done everyone!

Keep up your enthusiasm for reading!

Tiddalick came to visit!

We had a visit from Tiddalick the frog. We were able to ask him questions about why he drank all the water in the lakes, creeks and billabongs so we could learn a little bit more about his reasons. We then wrote him some wonderful persuasive letters to encourage him to give back all the water. Miss Pike was very sad to have missed Tiddalick's visit as she was out of class.

What's the weather?

We have been learning about the weather in Australia and how it compares to the weather in The UK. We became weather reporters for the day! We hope you enjoy our videos!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

We are magnificent mathematicians !


This term we are learning about position, direction and movement. We have engaged in lots of practical tasks and have been using  vocabulary like......


beside, next to, between, left, right,

forwards, backwards, up, down,

quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn, whole/full turn

clockwise, anticlockwise

Using counters to move left, right, forwards, backwards, up and down.

Quarter, half, three quarter, whole/full turns, left and right.

Using characters to apply our knowledge and see things from a different point of view.

As part of our HEALTHY ME unit, we have been learning......

  • what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy, making good lifestyle choices.
  • understanding how to keep safe with medicines.
  • looking at different food groups and knowing which foods our bodies need every day to keep us healthy.

Exploring and discussing our lunchtime foods.

Making our own healthy food choices.