Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Open the Book

' ...These are things we have learned from our ancestors and

we will tell them to the next generation.'

Psalm 78.1-8


Children love stories - especially bible stories when they are interactive, engaging and fun.  This is what Open the Book is all about.  During collective worship on a Monday,  storytelling teams from our local churches join us to share Bible stories.  Children are encouraged to watch and interact with these stories in their own way, as they are brought to life through the use of drama, props and costumes. The Christian values that underpin these stories then form the themes for our collective worship during the week.

Monday 19th February


The First Passover Meal


This week our friends from Open the Book invited us to share a very special meal - the first Passover.





Dear God, all over the world there are children, like Shuni, who need to be

set free from terrible situations.  Please show us how we can help them

and not forget about them.







Monday 22nd January


The Centurion's Servant


This morning our Open the Book friends told us about a Roman who was used to giving orders and being obeyed.  One day this Roman Centurion went home to hear some bad news.  One of his servants was ill - unable to move and in great pain.  The Centurion felt sorry for his servant because for all his power, there was nothing he could do, no order he could give to make his servant better.  However the Centurion had heard that Jesus could heal the sick so he went to ask for help.  The crowds around Jesus were amazed that Jesus offered to help, after all the Romans had stolen and bullied them.  They were even more surprised when the Centurion said  'No.  Like me, you have power too, power over sickness.  So all you need to do is give the order and I know that my servant will be healed.'  Jesus turned to the surprised crowds and said 'This man trusts me, he really does! I am telling you the truth when I say that people just like this man - people from all over the world - will one day be part of all that God is doing!'  And at the same time, the centurion's servant was healed!





Dear God, thank you for all the people like doctors and nurses who work very hard

to make people better.  Please be with any children who may be away from school today because they are poorly, and please make them better.








Monday 8th January


The Wedding Feast


In Open the Book this morning, we all looked our very best!  Some of us wore fancy hats and beautiful scarves in order to join in the wedding celebrations.  People work very hard preparing for a wedding, hoping that nothing goes wrong.  Unfortunately at this wedding, the wine ran out and the Bridegroom's father did not know what to do.  Fortunately, Mary and Jesus were at the wedding, and although Jesus hadn't performed any miracles before, Mary thought it was the right time for Jesus to start his special work.  She told the servants to do whatever Jesus asked of them.  So having collected water, and offering a glass to the Master of the Feast, the servants were amazed to find the water they had collected had been turned into wine!  The Bridegroom's father looked at Mary and Jesus and smiled a 'thank you' smile!  Mary couldn't help but she knew that Jesus could - and that is why she asked him!  Sometimes we all need to ask for help!





Dear God, this story reminds us that Jesus helped with everyday

things - even something like wine for a wedding.  Help us to remember

that you can help us with everyday things too if we ask you. 


Monday 6th November

A Jar and a Jug


Last week we met Elijah who, survived for a long time in his Raven Ravine Restaurant.  In today' story though conditions in the ravine had got much worse.  There was a drought so the brook that he drank from had dried out!  Once again, Elijah asked God for help.  God had a plan and sent Elijah to speak to a widow in a nearby town.  Unfortunately, the lady only had enough flour and oil to make a simple cake for her and her son.  Elijah felt sorry for the family but remembered God's words.  He encouraged the lady to trust him, like he trusted God, reassuring her that the oil and flour would not run out!  And just as Elijah had promised, no matter how much flour she took from the jar or how much oil she poured from the jug, there was always some flour and oil left!  Elijah and the family survived the drought because they put their trust in God.


Dear God, we thank you that you care about people all over the world who don't have enough food.  Help us to care about then too and do what we can to help.


Monday 30th October

Elijah and the Ravens


This week we met a famous character from the Bible.  His name was Elijah and he was a prophet - a messenger. Poor Elijah had a tough time trying to do his job because the King didn't like the messages he was trying to share.  God advised Elijah to hide in a deep ravine where some of his feathery friends (ravens) brought food each morning and evening to help him survive.





Dear God, thank you for food which keeps us alive.  Help us not to grumble if

we don't always get our favourite things to eat.


Monday 16th October

The Wise King


In this morning's worship, our 'Open the Book' friends shared a story about a wise king named Solomon.  Solomon wanted to be a good king, not a selfish one.  He knew it would be a difficult job so he asked God for help.  One day two women came to him quarrelling over a baby. Solomon had the difficult decision of deciding who the baby belonged to.  With God's support and wisdom, Solomon was able to make the right choice and solve a very tricky problem. 


Dear God, help us to follow Solomon's example, and to ask you

for wisdom when we have difficult jobs to do. 

Help us to make the right decisions. 


Monday 9th October

David the Giant-Killer


In this morning's worship, our Open the Book storytellers shared the story of David and Goliath.  Mr Goodhand (our very own BFG) took the part of Goliath and a small but mighty year 1 took on the part of David.  Their Oscar winning performances helped us to think about how little people can tackle BIG problems.  Just as David trusted God, we can ask God to help us too.





Dear God, when our problems seem very big, please remind

us that you are there to help us.