Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Term 5

Our topic this term is


Fourth 500 Reading Points Achieved


On Monday 26th April, Year 2 achieved their fourth 500 points for reading regularly at home. Most points had already been collected before the end of term 4 at the beginning of April.


The children will be voting for another well earned treat.........


Great reading everyone! Keep it up!



During our first science lesson, the children explored the different parts of a plant (flowers and trees) and recreated these using natural objects outside.

Our Art unit for this term is PRINTMAKING.


We have learned to tear and print using positive and negative stencils. Using small amounts of paint on a foam sponge we practised 2 new techniques- stippling and stroking. We took great care to stroke outwards from the centre of the negative stencil and stroke from the outside to the centre using the positive stencil.


In Maths, we have been investigating lines of symmetry in flat shapes. Using geoboards and peg boards, we made symmetrical patterns and shapes. We had great fun learning and creating!

RHSE meeting (29.4.2021) powerpoint