Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Term 5




Year 1 were very excited to learn that an alien had crash-landed into our school and that the Alien needed help.


We are very much looking forward to helping the alien out, but we do need to find him or her first!

Aliens have landed!



Year 1 have started to think about and become computer programmers.  We have learnt a really tricky word... algorithm!!  Why don't you ask your child if they can remember what an algorithm is?


We started our journey thinking about directional language so we could practise learning our lefts and rights.  


This week, we wanted to plot a route for Beegu to find her mummy and daddy.  At first, we used directional arrows to find a route where there were no obstacles in Beegu's way.  Next, we drew obstacles for Beegu to move around and plotted a new route.  Then we had a good go at saying our instructions to a partner.

Helping Beegu find her mummy and daddy


Year 1 have been looking at the artist Richard Long.  We have been imitating his work to create our own natural collage.

Richard Long Natural Art


Every Friday afternoon, Year 1 enjoy setting themselves up for the weekend by centring their aura and resetting their minds with a bit of Yoga and Mindfulness!

Cosmic Kids Mindfulness and Yoga