Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Academy Conversion Consultation


Consultation on academy conversion and joining Lighthouse Schools Partnership


Our Governors have recently voted to explore the option of joining Lighthouse Schools Partnership (LSP) which is an established Schools Trust.  There are currently 25 schools in LSP all of which are in North Somerset and Bath and NE Somerset.  Schools local to us include St Andrew’s CE Primary School in Congresbury, Winford CE Primary School and Blagdon Primary School.  We are aware that Wrington CE Primary School and Burrington CE Primary Schools are also consulting to join this partnership.  School Trusts such as LSP are not-for-profit charities with the key aim of ‘advancing education for public benefit’.


We see a great many advantages for our children, families and staff in joining this Trust.  We will be able to share resources and expertise across the LSP schools.  The central focus of our collaboration will be on the professional development for our staff so that we continually improve in our teaching and learning, for the benefit of all our students. This comes at a time when our Local Authority no longer has the capacity to provide this service.  We feel that this path will put Churchill CEVC Primary School in the best place to continue to serve our community as an excellent school.


You are invited to join in with the consultation process to learn more about academy status and Lighthouse Schools Partnership.  We have created an Academy Consultation page on our website where you will find some further information on our proposal and our FAQs document.   You can also find out more about LSP by visiting their website  An evening consultation meeting has been planned for 6:30pm on the 21st June, to be held at the school.  We also welcome written responses to .  Final decisions will not be made until after the consultation has closed on Thursday 21st July.  If the conversion goes ahead, it is likely to take place in January 2023.


We look forward to engaging with you in exploring this very important step for our school.