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Welcome to the PTA!

Here we'll tell you all about the events coming up, share photos, and let you know how much you've helped raise and where that money's going!


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Get Stuck In!

One of the best bits of coming to a school like ours is a strong sense of community. Churchill Primary School puts real emphasis on getting children, staff and parents to work together as part of our local area. And you can get involved too!


The PTA... (Parent Teacher Association) is run by volunteer parents and carers with children at our school.


Every year we enjoy lots of great events – including the fairs at Christmas and in the summer, school discos, Mother’s day presents, and T@3. We raise money for school equipment, trips and treats for the children – all those little extras!


Each year our events raise around £6,000.


Last year the school used this money to buy:

  • Sports equipment
  • iPads
  • Picnic benches for the playground
  • Books
  • Library refurbishment
  • A day of circus skills for the whole school


We need you with your ideas, local contacts, time and skills! Getting involved is great fun, with everyone just doing what we can.


There’s loads you could do, including:

  1. Coming up with a great idea for a fund-raiser
  2. Giving up half an hour of your time to help on a stall at our Christmas or summer fair
  3. Baking cakes or contributing a craft
  4. Asking someone you know locally for a raffle prize





Can we join the PTA?

Yes! Of course – the more parents, the more ideas and the better our events!

But do I have to go to loads of meetings?

No – we meet about four times a year, and you can come to as many or few as you can.

But I’m not good at organising events!

It doesn’t matter! You may have a skill that will help, or be an ideas person. You may have a link with a local business, or you may just enjoy helping out. Everything goes!

Why do we need to raise money?

In an ideal world, the school would be able to pay for all the essential extras. Without the PTA, all the school parents would have to pay more for school trips etc, or the children would have to go without.

Will I have to give up evenings and weekends?

If you want to help at school discos and fairs, you can. But you don’t have to.

Is it only mums?

Not at all – we have plenty of dads and other carers on the PTA too!

The PTA is purely about raising money and very penny we make goes to the school.

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