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I can't believe we're into another lockdown before I even get to see your smiling (with more toothless gaps no doubt) faces again. sad

Please remember how fabulous you all are, and how amazing your parents are too for supporting you at home. We look forward to moving ahead with a new way of learning, but Mrs Hardwick and I will try and make it just as fun! Watch this space for more details...

Monday 4th January 2021


Our 1 day in school and we started to learn about using commas to separate items in a list, revised reading o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times and started to begin to tell the time to 5 minutes.


In the afternoon, we found out about the artist Henri Matisse and created our own collage masterpieces in response to his work 'The Snail'. 


What a lot we have achieved in one day! Now it's time for you to show your parents how amazing you are at learning. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Welcome back to Term 3!


We hope you all had a great Christmas break and are raring to go for term 3.


Thank you all very much for our kind gifts which were very much appreciated.


We're glad that we're able to be back in person rather than online and Term 3 looks like being a busy but fun term! Please do look at our topic jigsaw to inform you what we will be learning this term. Our topic is 'Animals Around the World' and has strong links to Geography and Science. If you have friends or relatives in far flung areas of the world, then please do contact them and ask for some photos of where they live. smiley