Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Staying Safe


The resources and websites below will help you to stay safe and healthy.

If you have any worries or questions, please speak to your teacher or a member of staff, or put your worry into our school's 'Worry Box'.



Use these websites to search the internet.

SWIGGLE has tips for searching and learning resources.

SAFE SEARCH is perfect when you want to search for pictures, clip art or games.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2


Digiduck Stories
Jessie and Friends: Online Safety For 4 - 7 Year Olds


Year 3, 4, 5 and 6

Sam, Ellie and Alfie: Online Safety Education for 8-10s
The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew


Year 6+

Online Safety for 11+


CBBC - Horrible Histories 




Guy Fawkes - Internet Privacy settings.

Saxon Monk - Internet Videos are forever!


Lady Jane Grey - Beware what you download! Prudish Victorians - Don't lie about your age online.