Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to Class 6!

To our lovely Class of 2022,


     Thank you all for your lovely gifts and cards. It is very much appreciated.
     We have enjoyed reminiscing and giggling over your year book, and hope that you savour it too, if not now, then in the future as a fantastic memory of your Primary School Years.
      Enjoy your party, and the summer ahead. We wish everyone of you a great future, and look forward to seeing you in years to come.

      With many thanks,

                               .   Ms Ford, Mrs Bryant, Mrs Gould-Coates and Mrs Campbell


Summer Reading Challenge 2022


This year's challenge runs from Saturday 9th July to Saturday 10th September in North Somerset Libraries.


The theme is 'Gadgeteers', developed in partnership with the Science Museums Group. The challenge aims to show children that science is all around us every day and inspire them to unleash their curiosity and creativity.

End of Year Production


Year 6 will be performing the Jungle Book Kids on Wednesday 13th July (matinee show at 1:45 pm) and Thursday 14th July (evening show at 6:30pm), with singing support provided by Year 5.  Prepare to be amazed. 


Ticket sales are via Parent Pay. Further tickets are now available , especially for the Wednesday afternoon show.


The majority of pupils have been asked to bring in a base layer costume of black leggings or skins and a black t-shirt or long-sleeved top. Black daps/plimsolls or jazz shoes would be ideal. This is for safety reasons as the children will be appearing on stage from different doors of the hall. We have access to one or two spare pairs. These should be in school for Friday 1st July in a named plastic bag.

The finished article...

The Promise

We have been studying the book 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies and the children have been tasked with the job of writing their own cyclical stories using figurative language.  We spent time studying different writing techniques used by Nicola Davies and creating our own poetic writing using similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.  I think that you will agree, the results of their hard work are fantastic - I think Nicola Davies would be impressed!  Well done Class 6!

And the sewing continues!

World Book Day!

The children have had a super day celebrating World Book Day today!  It was great to see the children entering into the spirit of the day and dressing up as characters from some of their favourite books.  Over half the class brought in books that they had enjoyed reading and had the opportunity to swap their books with other children in Years 5 and 6 but by far the best part of the day was when they had the opportunity to 'buddy up' with children in Year R and 3 and share books together.  It was so lovely to see them able to support and share books with the younger children - a really special moment for both the children and the staff watching on!

Design Technology - Combining Textiles


Class Six are very excited to be continuing designing and making their sustainable fabric bags this term.  They have been designing simple motifs and creating patterns which they have then used to cut out their felt motifs and sew onto the front side of their fabric .  Mrs Gould Coates has kindly prepared bag 'templates' which the children will pin and sew the edges together to make a bag.

There are many challenges on the 'journey' to making our bags - one of the biggest being threading the needles! - but the children (and staff ) are being resilient and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Remember to come dressed as your favourite book character and bring in a used book to take part in the book swap.

What makes Earth a unique planet in our Solar System?

We have been learning lots about our planet Earth this term, looking at what makes it a unique planet in our Solar System, how Earth is divided up into; hemispheres, time zones and climate zones and looking at Earth's biomes and where they are located in relation to the equator.

We have discovered that only Earth has the unique features that allow life to exist and writing our own explanation texts to explain why this is.  We hope you enjoy reading the following examples and notice the features of explanation texts that we have managed to use.


The children have been working incredibly hard at using strategies, modelled by Michelle Magorian, to develop characterisation.  We looked at how, in Goodnight Mr Tom, the author revealed character through their actions and speech as well as through description.  We looked closely at how Michelle Magorian developed the character of Mr Tom and Willie Beech and used similar strategies to introduce two characters in our own story extract based on evacuation during World War 2.  We hope that you enjoy reading the following examples.

Y6 Hoodies arrive!

There was great excitement today when the news came in that the 'Y6 hoodies' have arrived!

As you can see, this is an important 'landmark' in the life of Y6 and these hoodies will be worn with enthusiasm and pride over the coming months!

Fantastic Football Skills!

It was a real pleasure to see our Y6 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a football tournament today (December 2nd).  It has been a long time, due to Covid restrictions, since they have had the opportunity to play competitively and they were a credit to our school.  Led by Mr Davis, they exhibited fantastic team spirit: working cooperatively, demonstrating great skill and most importantly encouraging one another and demonstrating respect for their competitors ... oh and I think they would also like you to know that they won 8:1! laugh


Y6 had a fantastic time visiting STEAM in Swindon today. Although this year, due to Covid restrictions, we weren't able to experience the air raid shelter, we had a fantastic time finding out more about the life of a family from Swindon during World War 2.  We were particularly keen to find out how the lives of women changed as a result of the Second World War and it was fascinating to see how Betty, Polly, Holly and Molly adapted and helped Britain in the fight to win the war.

Osmington Bay

For news of our stay at Osmington Bay, please see the gallery on the children’s section of this website.


It has been a pleasure to begin getting to know your children over the last week and welcome them in to Class 6 and it was super to meet some of the parents at our remote 'Meet the Teacher' meeting on Thursday - thank you to all those parents who attended.  For those who were unable to attend, we hope that our power point will prove helpful - please feel free to pop your head around the door to ask any questions if you have them!


We are looking forward to meeting many parents on Tuesday for our Osmington Bay Meeting where we will discuss our upcoming residential trip in October.  We hope you enjoy  the promotional video below and find the power point helpful.  We would thoroughly recommend that you visit the PGL website and explore their pages on Osmington Bay, which are extremely informative and will give you real insight into what the centre has to offer.  Further details of our trip will be confirmed in subsequent letters home but please contact one of the Year 6 team if you have any more immediate questions.