Churchill CofE Primary School

Churchill CofE Primary School

Young leaders Program

What is the Playmaker award?  

Our young leaders programme is being offered over the course of this year to our upper key stage two pupils. This award allows our pupils the opportunity to develop their planning, organisation and communication skills. Throughout this year, we will be offering pupils in years 5&6 to take part within this award. They will be using their skills to create fun, interactive lunchtime clubs- using sports masters action areas. A total of 6 hours of training will be offered and if completed the children will have a chance to receive their bronze, silver or gold award. 


We are looking to create fantastic role models in society not only within sport. We achieve this by always being aware of our PACE strategy.  



Participants- Focus on creating fair and equal teams so that everyone can be involved and have fun


Area- Focus on what area is best for the activity



Communication- Focus on the importance of communication and the different ways to communicate


Equipment- Focus on how different types of equipment can affect the activity 



We look forward to starting this program within Term 2!